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The comeback, v4


So you still read my stuff? Damn you are persistent.

Well, you see, i did a lot of things in the last few months. I actually thought about what i should write about on my blogs for a really long time. I honestly couldnt figure out anything that would be really worthwhile. I mean, in the end i dont know if it would be worthwhile, the readers decide.

But nonetheless, im here again. Its time to take the whole blogging business seriously! Or rather, i could try and fail horribly.

In the end, all these changes for people around me gave me some weird thoughts. People are getting married, build houses and get kids. And i…well, im looking forward to playing video games every evening. Wouldnt say that this is bad, i just feel like i lost my connection to the world at some point. Thats nothing new though. Every post i wrote here was pretty much like that aswell. Oh well. Just thought to myself, why dont you try to bring some joy to other people? Since im a anti-social coward, why dont you do it via the internet? Writing stuff kinda worked at one point in the past. Lets try again. And here i am.

Be proud, be fullfilled with joy, be whatever the fuck you want – dasmurmeltier is back (again) to write stuff that he doesnt know shit about!




Thats just me :)

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