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The curse [Flash fiction] – 9

The police arrived at the scene. A policeman with a huge mustache jumped out of one of the cars and hastly looked around.

“Sir! Sir, are you alright? Are you hurt?”, With a feeling voice he asked. “Mister Jenkins, is that you? Good god! How did you get involved in this?!”. The policeman kneeled down to him while he was still sobbing, his face buried in his hands.

“Now don’t go anywhere Mr Jenkins, I’m going to check on the car, okay? One of my colleagues will come and get you in a few moments.” The policeman walked back to his car and grabbed his communication device. A quiet mumbling voice was to be heard while the car was still crackling right next to him.


The loud voice halled through the streets and echoed in his head. The ring of the voice made every bone in his body shiver.

“No, no. Not again, noo!”. He raised his head in panic and tryed to get up on his feet, but his legs were shacking. The policeman ran over to him.

“Sir, whats wrong?”.

“Didn’t you hear it?”, He shouted the policeman in the face.

“Hear what?”.

“The voice! You didn’t hear it? How couldn’t you hear it? HOW?!”. He grabbed the policeman on his jacket while he started to hyperventilate. “How? How?! How is that possible?!”. His breath rate increased a lot. “Sir, would you please calm down? You are save now, I can assure you that.”

“Save?!”, He responded. “Save, haah, saveee…”. Slowly his consciousness faded. His body fell down to the ground while his breathing still was alarmingly fast. “Sir! Sir! Shit. He faded.”. The policeman grabbed his phone. “Hey Barry, it’s me. Yeah, get an ambulance to that car crash accident scene. There’s a man, Mr Jenkins, he collapsed. No I don’t know why, he doesn’t seem hurt. Just do it.”

Sirens started to howl again in the distance while the policeman started to scratch his head, standing in front of the liveless body of Mr Jenkins.

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The curse [Flash fiction] – 10

After nearly one hour of him just sitting on a couch, he finally was able to get up again. His thoughts werent totally clear and he wasnt exactly sure what was going on, but he decided for himself that he didnt want to play this game with whoever did this to him. With a grim expression on his face he went back to the kitchen, where the broken glass was still lying on the floot. The puddle of water had spread all throughout the kitchen by now. A few knifes were lying all over the kitchen counter from his unsuccessful attempt to grab one to defend himself.

He grabbed them and put them back int the wooden box where he kept them. After that he looked down onto the water puddle. “Im really not in the mood to clean that up. Its only water, nothing will happen until tomorrow.”, he reassuringly said to himself while moving on to his front door. He grabbed the jacket that he had dropped when he entered the house and went outside. ‘Now, lets see if the prankster is willing to follow me here outside.”. He slightly smiled with an evil grin as he closed up the house door. He wouldnt be fooled twice.

The night was dark and cold. ‘Atleast its not raining’, he thought to himself while he walked along a street. His goal was to get to a nearby supermarket. No one would prank him in there, or else they would also have a problem with the people working there.

As he thought that he was regaining control over the situation and as he was walking over a crossing, it suddenly happened.

A car was driving fastly along, right in his direction. The lights of the car were not on. He saw it in the distance, thinking to himself that the peson driving might have forgotten it. ‘How careless.’. He shook his head. As he continued to walk over the crossing the car came closer. As the sound of it got louder he looked into its direction again. “W-Wait a second, is it trying to hit me?”. He started to ran towards the sidewalk on the other side. The car still came closer and increased his speed. The sounds became louder and louder. His heart started to beat loudly again. ‘Hurry legs! Run!’, he frantically thought to himself while still running. He was nearly there. A think wall was conviniently there. ‘I should be safe without it. The car wont turn over here, right?’. He looked over into the direction the car was coming from.

The car was right infront of him. In this moment time seemed to stand still. If he didnt move the car would drive into him. The chances for his death would be high. Fatal injuries would be nearly certain at this speed. He could try to dodge behind the wall, but maybe he would make it worse through that. ‘Nothing can be worse than death right now.’. As he was still running he had a bit of moment from though. He put all of it into a big jump behind the wall. As he was flying through the air to the destination he was aiming for time seemed to slow down even more. With wide eyes he looked on, helpless, as the car came closer and closer. ‘It will hit me. It will really hit me.’. He closed his eyes.

And then it went down.

When he opened his eyes again he was lying behind the wall, seemingly unharmed. He saw nothing of the car, but the smell of burning plastic filled the air. With quick movements he got up again and looked onto the other side of the wall.

The car had fully hit the wall and burned. The drivers seat was clearly visible from where he was at.

It was empty.

‘Maybe the driver got catapulted to somewhere else.’ He looked around. But there was nothing except a few parts of burning metal and plastic.

The tension started to fall now. He sat down onto the floor, his back still leaning on the wall.


The undefinable voice spoke up again. “What the fuck?! Show yourself you bastard! Was that you? Was that your doing with the car? Why though? WHY? What did i do to you? Why do you want me dead?!”. His face was filled with fear as he started to break down crying as he was sitting by the wall and the car cotinued to burn. Sirens were to be heard his the distance.


Sorry guys for not posting today. I had a lot to do at work and I’m also walking some really dark paths in my mind. It’s hard for me to write anything worthwhile at the moment because of that.

Ill hopefully figure this out soon though.

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Flash fiction: The mind is a liar

It called out to me. It pounded on my consciousness without hesitation and remorse. Constantly it resounded in my thoughts.

“Do it!”, It said. Over and over again.

“Don’t fight it Michael. You are not a strong person. You are not a hero and you never will be. You won’t even be important to anyone ever at all. Don’t believe otherwise. If you do that you will only fool yourself.”

But I knew. I knew that those were all lies. Easy lies to make me feel better; to give me the feeling of certainty that I have always longed for. It was my mind after all. My mind is my servant is not true in this case. My mind isn’t working to make me happy. It tries to make me feel as bad as possible.

Thus it isn’t my best ally – it is my worst enemy. One that can’t be defeated. It is a war that you can never win, but always lose.

And after many wars with myself I finally realized. The goal is not to defeat the mind. It is to provide a proper enemy to occupy it with. To wage a ever-lasting war that is filled with loss and sadness.

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Flash fiction: German thoughts

I thought that I should try writing something in my main language. I’m not sure if that will be a regular thing, but it’s fun to do this too once in a while 🙂

Er saß und wartete. Der Raum in dem er wartete war gefühlt mit Möbeln verschiedener Größen. Kleine und Große, Schmalle und Breite, Schwarze und Weiße.

Ein Geruch von Staub und altem Holz lag in der Luft. Licht fiel durch eines der zwei Fenster in den Raum und beleuchtete den Stuhl auf dem er saß.

Auf was er wartete wusste er nicht. War es das Fortschreiten der Zeit? Wartete er auf andere Menschen die Ihn aus seiner Letargie holen könnten?

Der genaue Grund war unbekannt. Stoisch und mit einer unendlichen Ruhe saß er trotz allem weiterhin da und harte der Dinge die kommen mochten.

Car repair madness

I just got to put it out there. I’m sitting at my car dealer. He’s also repairing cars.

A stone cracked my front window a while ago. I wanted to let it be repaired before things get serious. I thought to myself ‘hey, this propably won’t cost that much since it’s just a small crack. Propably like 40 euros or something. No problems.’. I asked before the repair just now how much it will cost.

100€. This shit will cost 100 fucking euros. This is crazy in my opinion. They won’t have to change the window itself or something.

I could have paid nothing with better insurance. This would have costed me like 500€ though to get the insurance. Which is seriously too much for car insurance in my opinion, but that’s just me I guess. I got a really small car, so why is it that much?

I’m seriously pissed about this whole car business. Shit is just expensive as fuck. Maybe I should like get a good bicycle instead and move with trains and buses.

Oh wait, I’m living in ducking nowhere. Buses don’t drive regularly here and trains don’t do shit for me since I still would need to get to the train station.

Seriously, I’m mad.

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The curse [Flash fiction] – START

He knew instantly that something wasnt right. Just as he opened the door of the house he was living it came to him. He froze in place, still with his right hand on the door handle. His eyes opened wide and his thoughts stopped for a few seconds. After those very moments he was able to get some control over himself back. He moved his head around, looking in every direction, searching for something unusual. But everything was like it always was.

With a deep sigh he finally closed the door and put his jacket down on a nearby chair.
What the hell was that about? My body was tingling – but im not sure why that was. Nothing is unusual. Today wasnt really any different either. Weird. Must be the stress’. He slowly walked over to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water.

As he grabbed the glass his thoughts continued to circulate about what he just felt. ‘I mean, this usually isnt anything i experience on the regular. I usually feel just fine when i come home. And why is this bothering me so much to begin with?’. He started moving the glass of water in circles with his hand. Deep in thought he just stood there for a few moments.


A loud, undefinable voice echoed through his head. His body froze up again. He tried to scream, but he wasnt able to control himself. His legs and arms started to shake. The glass of water fell down to the ground. Where was the voice coming from? What was this?

His thoughts ran out of control. He frantically looked left and right. “Who is this? WHO IS THIS?”, he screamed while turning around to look behind him. But nothing was there. No one did answer.

All was just quiet.

His heartbeat increased. He was able to feel it in his head. Frantically he grabbed for a knife on the kitchen counter and ran into the living room. Nervously he checked every corner of the room for something or someone who could have said this. But he couldnt find anything.

After a while he nervously sat down on a couch.

“What is this? Its coming? Whos playing this sick joke with me?”. He buried his face in his hands. Quietly he whimmered to himself: “Give me a break here, please…”.

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Rockready 8 – The escape

As Kenta continued to make his way through the corpses of other former members of this ship, noises rumbled through the ship. Metal was breaking, flames were screaming. The sounds of guns being shot were to be heard from the direction of the entrance to the hangar that was behind him. He knew that he had to hurry up – otherwise his life would be over before he could make his final dream happen. He had to hurry up.

He increased his speed. When before he tried to not hit any of the bodies on the ground he know just rushed towards the escape pod section. There was no time to respect the dead for him right now, even if this would come back to him later on.

After a solid 5 minutes and a lot of running on unsteady ground he finally got to the escape pod section. The lights were out. Only small red lamps on the doors to the pods themselves were giving him any kind of orientation.
‘Got to find a pod, a free pod…’, he thought to himself while he started to check the pods. Many of them had already left the ship as settlers and crew members wanted to leave the place aswell. The colony ship was lost after all. Some pod doors were also emitting a strong smell of burning elictricity. ‘Not all of them got out there i guess’. As he continued his search he stumbled over something. As he was looking down he saw a person lying on the ground. ‘Another one huh. Tragic, this one came so far and still didnt make it’. With a sad expression he starred at the body for a few seconds before realizing that he had to continue searching.

And then the body suddenly started to move. One of the arms of it had grabbed his leg. “Help…Someone…”, a quiet female voice mumbled. Kenta was shocked. Scared he tried to get his leg free of the hand. “Uah!”. He then realized that this person infront of him was still alive. “Sorry. Y-You are still alive? Are you okay?”. He quickly kneeled down to the body while always checking the environment around him, unsure of what could happen next.

“Yes, im alive… kind of.”. The body tried to sit up. Kenta helped. The red light of one of the smaller lamps shone on the face of the body.

“Amelia? Is that you?!”.

(Source Featured Image – PeterPrime: )

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Flash fiction: Strange priests

The sun was shining bright. Rays were covering the whole place and bathed it into a yellow glimmer of warmth. A group of people were standing at this very place in the middle of a big green field of grass. Mountains were towering around them. They were the alps – those chains of mountains that were separating middle europe. They did separate the land, but also the cultures, believes and the people that were living there.

Those people, gathering on that field, seemed to be from both north and south of the alps. They were dressed in various kinds of clothes, mostly robes. They all seemed to be waiting for something. Something that needed to happen. A event to bring calmness to their souls.

After a while a older man with a long white beard and even longer robes, colored in a bright red and gold, walked through the group into the middle of them. He seemed to be someone special – the others around were looking at him with wonder and respect as he was making his way to his destination.

As he arrived there a young man stepped forward from the crowd with a big golden hat in his hands. It wasnt just a usual hat colored in gold. It was made out of solid gold. Its form was strangely shaped aswell – its top was nearly 1 meter long and unimaginably thin. The 1 meter span between the top and the part of the hat that should be placed on the head was filled with runes and strange symbols of a long forgotten world. They all seemed to mean something, especially to the people that were there. A loud moan made the rounds through the group as the young man handed the hat to the old man.

And this one took it. He looked at it from every angle like he didnt know what to do with it, but after a while he placed it on top of his head. The crowd around him suddenly stopped moaning and everyone kneeled down infront of him.

Without the hat he was just one old man, respected and wise, but nothing special. But while wearing this strange, long, golden hat he was the one; the one that would talk for them. Because he was the prophet; the voice of their gods that lived in the sun and the mountains.

(Source for this is a story i heard on TV a while ago about a sun cult that once lived in the Alps, like in the year 1000-500 before Christ was born. They really had those strangely formed hats. Example and parts of the story can be seen here: )