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Six Word Story: Storm

Today’s six word challenge that I want to take on with this blog post is by J.I.Rogers. Check him out, great stuff! (

Sorry guys, got a lot of work these days…

Today’s challenge is Storm.

“Wild lightning flashed down upon them!”

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Evija: Chapter 2 – Doctors [7]

‘Got it’, the large one said while quickly going back to the case and putting the syringe in it. ‘Good to go’. The locks of the case clacked as he lifted it and looked on to the other man. ‘Alright. Let’s move. Hopefully JK isn’t on his way already’. He walked over to the door and opened it. They both left and the door closed with a loud bang after them. Thomas was alone in the room again.

‘I can’t make any sense of this at ALL.  Why did they take my measurements? Why do they need my blood? What is all of this?! What do they want with me?’. He was lying on the floor again after one of the men had drawn his blood. He had thrown him back down, not caring about what happened to Thomas.

The feeling of dizziness and pain were still coursing strongly through his body. ‘Man this sucks’. He tried not to vomit. ‘Don’t don’t. The gag. Hold it back. I’ll suffocate if i do.’. As time went by his mind turned more and more hazy. His thoughts turned incomprehensible. His vision was blurry. The lights around him started to change colors. At first they were only a bit darker, but then they were red. A deep, bloodish red. Fear stirred up inside of him. Was death coming for him already, so quickly? His ears wouldn’t work anymore either. His body tried to move as a reaction to the fear, but to no avail. He was still shackled. Slowly but steadily he lost the sense of his surroundings. All turned into one big swirl. Where was he? What was he? Everything turned undefinable and grey. Sounds halled in his ear; languages he had never heard before. People and landscapes he had never seen before slided through before his inner eye. Memories of foreign clothed people fighting with each other popped up and faded away again. People seemingly talking to him in languages that he couldn’t understand ran by him. His thoughts moved faster and faster. Everything lost it’s color again. There was only something, undefinable, unknown.

Suddenly Thomas felt a stinging pain. His mind and all of his senses cleared in an instant. He opened his eyes wide as he breathed heavily.

‘Good morning sunshine. Awake now, are we?’. In Front of him stood another man, tattooed all over his body. His face had the markings of a skull; his eyes had large black circles around them, just as his nose. His mouth had teeth tattooed on it. His hair was also missing. Unlike the other people before he didnt wear a coat; he only had short black pants and a pair of boots on.


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Lazy Sundays [Flash fiction]

“So that’s it huh”, he said while staring outside the window of his living room.

“Thats what im going to do today. I just won’t do anything. Just sitting here, looking at the sky and all those clouds.”.

He scratched his head.

“I could easily just get up and be productive. There are so many things i still need to do. Emailing those things regarding work, sports, learning new things. Even playing video games would be better than this. Or sleeping. Yes. That would work too.”.

He sighed and picked up a half-full glass of water from a table right next to him. Slowly he swung it around, making the water move in circles.

“But I’m not even motivated to sleep or play. Ridiculous. How can a person not be motivated to sleep?”.

He sighed again.

“Guess I just wait here then for things to happen. Monday will surely come at one point or another. That’s the one thing i know for sure. Gosh i really don’t want to work tomorrow though. I really should do some stuff before i have to get back to that!”.

He looked around as if he would want to start something. After a few seconds he shook his head.

“Right, no motivation. None at all. Guess i just continue to sit here then.”.

He once more starred out of the window into the sky, were the clouds slowly passed by.

“Guess thats what a lazy sunday just feels like.”.

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The knight [Flash fiction]

Once upon a time there was a knight, guarding his castle day and night.

He stood there, towering above the land that surrounded the stone walls he resided in.

His armor was iron, his will made of steel, he would never budge as if he would not feel.

Things happened around him, all day and night, but nothing concerned him, the immobile knight.

But one day a beautiful girl happened upon him. She said:

“Knight, oh knight, would you come down to me to smite the blight that harasses our lands? I ask you for your help, i beg!”.

But the knight wasn’t bothered by her plea. The girl, seeing that the knight won’t agree, became desperate.

“Fine!”, she said, “lets have have it your way! I thought better of you knight, you emotionless moron! I don’t have time for this child’s play.”.

And then she ran off into the the dawn. The knight wouldn’t react. He had no motions, even when the sounds of large explosions halled through the land. Screams echoed around him and the trees glowed with fire. One would have thought that the situation was dire! But the knight didn’t care, nor did he bother. He just observed all of that horror.

And thus the legend created the story of the immobile knight. It had no glory and it wasn’t filled with delight.

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Quote: Stop thinking too much

There’s a lot of truth in that. I’m one of those guys that’s just thinking way too much all day long about everything. It never did anything good for me.

At work, stuff that I do – I always think about it long and hard. What are the consequences, is it the right thing to do? Are people mad?

It is unnecessary though. Things happen anyways. And as the quote says, often you create a problem through the power of your mind that wouldn’t be there if you would just do things instead of thinking about them.

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Opinion: Current politics == Comedy

Note: This is a bit controversial. It’s about politics. If you are not into opinions about politics, don’t read any further! I don’t want to discriminate anyone or something. I just felt like ranting.

So let’s talk about it. You don’t know it yet, but i recently got a new problem.

I watch too many comedy shows. Yes, i know. Why would i ever do that? I mean, fun? Really? Why would anyone want fun? Laughing, ugh.

Im joking of course. Most things out there are okay to do as long as you get a laugh out of it. Watching comedy shows is probably one of the more harmless things to do.

You could always do something more serious instead and try to fuck that up. Like politics. Man, politics sound like fun, right?

I mean you know what Im talking about, right? There’s the obvious comedy in politics, for the people that like to not think while enjoying themselves. Hello people from the USA, how are you guys? Your president kinda satisfies those needs.He’s so hilarious. Granted that he actually does so many silly things while being one of the most powerful human beings on earth, but where do we get if we take everything serious?

Up until now everyone out there probably has seen a good amount of Tweets and News about him. It’s not that hard, you don’t need to really search for that. Even over here in Europe you can put on any random TV channel and chances are high that there’s something related to that guy on.

We Europeans though; we don’t need to look over to America to see Grade A political comedy. Just today i saw the news that the British Brexit Minister gave up his position. A tragic tale, im sure of it. He probably noticed that this whole deal will fall to bits at some point or another. You can’t win if your only task at your job is take care of that. It’s like stopping Trump from tweeting. Can’t do that.

And the whole Brexit thing is a disaster anyways. Right from the very beginning it was bad. At Least the things that i saw as a German citizen.

First the people decided they want to split from Europe. Now though they are not so sure anymore. Or are they? No one knows. Sometimes i believe that even the Brits themselves don’t know. It’s a mystery. They will leave next year though. Maybe. It’s decided for now and everything, but i wont believe it until they are really gone. There’s still time to go back on that.

And even when they are out, they may or may not come back at some point in the future. I mean, separating themselves from everyone else in a world that is highly affected by Globalization and being connected internationally kinda sounds like a bad idea. At Least to me. But you go over there on your island, you do you.

If i go for political comedy right now these days i actually don’t have to look over to the USA though. Nope, i don’t even need Great Britain for that. Im German, right? There’s so much comedy gold right in front of me these days. You may or may not have seen it on the news, but we got a big struggle between our governing parties these days. The grand coalition is at work and they all hate each other. With passion.

There’s the CDU, the biggest one of them with chancellor Merkel leading them. She kinda lost a lot of her aura and power in the last few months, basically because she’s doing what she always did. She’s waiting for better times to come. She’s not the main problem these days.

It’s not the SPD either, although those guys are just floating along, enjoy the ride as long as they can. Who knows how long they will still exist. They are probably happy as fuck that no one from their ranks fucked something big up recently.

The problem child currently is the CSU, the partner of the CDU in Bavaria. Yes, there’s a special party over there. There might have been reasons in the past for that, but these days, no one understands why that is still a thing. They are also part of the coalition that leads Germany. They are heavily over-represented and happily mix up their local, Bavarian concerns with German concerns. Unfortunately both of those things are not the same; their Bavarian concerns are like ‘oh no, the AFD (a right-wing party) is overtaking us. Quick, lets overtake them ourselves from the right. They totally wont see that coming!’. The same thing is a nation-wide problem, surely, but they desperately try to convince potential voters through silly actions. It’s so blatant.

Anyways, those guys argued a bit. Actually, they did that a lot. The CSU even made an ultimatum. Agree with our plans or we will split apart and force re-elections. And everyone hates elections these days, because the right-wing parties will take even more votes. I don’t like right-wing parties myself either, not at all. But there’s a reason why no one is voting for the bigger parties. It may be better to think about how they could actually make better politics instead of doing things for the sake of doing things. Scary, i know. Who would ever want politicians that the people could actually believe in and are not just some cartoony figures that talk a lot and basically produce hot air.

But oh well, you gotta live with what you have. At Least it is what it is – comedy gold and free amusement. The cost for it? Our future.

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Animal talk – The rooster

Cock-a-doodle-doo! I’m amazing! Look at me guys! Look at this beautiful cockscomb! Look at those delightful feathers! Be jealous of Fred, the freaking best rooster on this planet! Wooo!”.

Fred, the black rooster, majestically ran through the shed, showing off his body. Numerous chicken followed him, ogling at him.

“Fred! Take me, take me! Notice me! Be the father of my children! Please!”, one of the chicken screamed while desperately trying to get his attention.

“You see that over there? That’s probably one of the worst issues i have with being a chicken”, Marta grumbled. She was sitting on one of the edges of the shed.

“I… I kind of see what you mean”, Billy the bunny responded. Billy was a dwarf lop bunny while Marta was a red feathered chicken. Marta sighed.

“I don’t mind him running around like that, you know? He can do that all day, i don’t care. I’ve seen so many roosters do that already. It lost its charm at one point. If you get to a certain age you have seen it all.”.

“All of it? Why is he doing this anyways though? Won’t he just take them all at one point or another? ”, Billy asked, being intrigued.

“Probably, yes. That’s just the way things go. He does is thing, shows off, the girls fall for him and then they group up and do stuff. You gotta know about that too darling, don’t you? Bunnies mate all the time with each other, right?”. Marta giggled.

“N-No we don’t! Not all the time.”, Billy shook his head. “At Least i think so. I’m not sure. Not that i know anyways, i got neutered as soon as possible.”.

“Oh, i’m sorry, i didn’t know…”, Marta said while being flustered.

“It’s fine, really. You know Jack, right? That other rabbit dude? Compared to him i’m the epitome of calmness. One time i saw him biting the steel sticks of his cage because he was so mad about not being able to see the girls. Harsh life. I don’t envy him at all.”.

Marta nodded. Fred ran by them, loudly screaming out in joy while the herd of chicken behind him had grown in size.

“The human probably will dissolve this one soon. This is getting way too annoying. He doesn’t like loud things.”, Marta said while making herself more comfortable. “He probably will put Fred in a different shed while this dumb rooster will try to peck his master to death. A glorious display. It always is”.

“Huh. Sounds good. Lets watch it.”. He sat down next to her as both of them looked on to the things that might could happen in the next few minutes.

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Evija: Chapter 2 – Doctors [6]

The large one with the chin beard walked over to Thomas with the measuring stick in his hand. ‘Now then, don’t struggle. Just taking your measurements.’. He held it close to him and took his height. ‘Hes like 1,83 meters’, he said to the other man who noted it quickly on his clipboard. After that they took various other measurements – arm lengths, leg lengths, width, waist circumference. They even measured his feet size.

After a while they had taken every single measurement that one could think of. ‘The old man really wants to know a lot about those guys huh’, the large one said while going back to the case to put the stick away. ‘Of course he does’, the other one responded. ‘You know who he is, right? He’s a doctor with really high standards. He needs to know everything to make the right decisions so that the experiments will be a success.’. He adjusted his glasses with his left hand. ‘We can’t repeat them forever after all. Now, enough of that. The prisoner doesn’t need to hear any of that. Take the last sample and then we need to be on our way.’. He shuttered. ‘I really don’t want to meet HIM.’. ‘Oh, that guy? Is he coming here? Is it already this one’s turn? He just arrived though’, the large on responded sceptically. ‘Doesn’t matter. The boss requested it and JK happily obliged. Like he would miss any opportunity to pump his weird chemicals into someone.’. Both sighed.

The large one grabbed a small syringe out of the case. With that in his left hand he walked over to Thomas and grabbed his right arm. Without any hesitation he hammered the syringe in it. He quickly drew blood out of it and teared it out again. Thomas felt a mixture of pain and dizziness coming up as the man did so. ‘What are they doing?!’, he thought to himself. ‘This isn’t how you draw blood. Am i like cattle to them? This is dangerous! I don’t want to die here from someone taking my blood!’.