Random Stuff. Nothing too special to see here.

I just talk about my life, things that are happening around me and stuff that is getting on my nerves. I also question some of these worlds values from time to time. I got some sort of unique world view and im willing to share that with everyone (i dont expect anyone to agree with my thoughts though. Do as you like to do). I propably will do so in a some sort of funny way – im not fond of stuff that is too serious.

Im also programming and playing games a lot, so i write about that stuff from time to time too.

You are propably wondering: Who is that idiot that is writing that shitty stuff? Well.
Im a 28 year old dude from Germany. I studied Computer Science and got a Masters Degree in that stuff. Im currently working as a software developer. Im living alone though, and thats propably one of those many reasons why im writing about various stuff (note: I may be living alone, but im not alone anymore. Wohoo! Things changed since i wrote this about page!)


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