Blog writing challenge day 22: Your morning routine

Oh, i have a tight plan every morning, so this should be easy. Its always the same too. Atleast when im working. Which i usually do when its not the weekend, so…well. Alright.

First in the morning i wake up. Surprising, isnt it? No one else does that in the morning, right?

Na, lets be serious for a second here. So, i wake up and get out of bed. Im really fast when it comes to getting up, so this only takes a minute or so. Im not sitting around like others, trying to get their brains in active mode. I usually have really vivid fantasies before i wake up, so i usually dont feel tired at all. After that i go to the bathroom. You know, doing things we humans need to do.

After im done with that i go to my pets and take care of them. Water, food, all that stuff. I try to give them enough so that they can get through the day since ill be working later on. This takes up to 10 minutes. I got 4 pets, so there are few things to do and all of that.

After that i usually chill for like 10 minutes. I surf a bit on my smartphone, watch my pets eat their food and write my girlfriend good morning greetings.

And after that i take my bad and go to work. See, nothing abnormal. This all takes place in like a 20 minutes time span. Like i wrote above, im fast. I usually dont eat in the morning – i did so a few years ago, but it kinda died down since i started to live alone a while back. Im a bit too lazy to make food for myself and my stomach didnt really like to eat and drink something else then water back then. I always had problems with my digestions. I dont want this anymore and because of that i stopped.

But thats my morning folks. Just a average boring day of a central european worker with an average job. Nothing to see here, move along.

Blog writing challenge day 21: Your zodiac/horoscope and wether you think it fits you

Im a tauraus since my birthday is on May 20. Im not really sure what this means because im not really much of a person that cares about that sort of stuff, but i was googling some traits that are common for this zodiac sign.

My first hit was this:

Taurus People: What They’re Like

Taurus people can be grounding, bringing a sense of ease and contentment. Unless, that is, they’re worked up about something. Then steam pours out of their ears. You’ll see them pacing, muttering the same thing over and over, clenching their fists and looking like Bulls ready to charge! But when they’re content and in the groove, there’s no happier sign than Taurus. Lovers of the arts, you can find them composing photos, blissing out to music, losing themselves on the dance floor or preparing a feast fit for royalty. This affectionate, comfort-loving sign can indulge in hours of deep lounging or sensual boudoir play. As earth signs, they may love to go on walks, bike rides and hikes. Disclaimer: other Bulls think “communing with nature” means gazing at the French Riviera from the Hotel du Cap veranda, chilled rose in hand. Never go cheap on a Taurus, because these epicureans love the finer things. That said, they can be very down-to-earth and work hard to pay for their indulgences. (You might need to light a fire under their asses to get them going. Once in motion though, there’s no stopping this charging Bull!) Sure they can be materialistic, but really they just want tasteful creature comforts that last the test of time. And, if you’re lucky enough, they’ll share the finer things in life with you, too.


So, the first sentence is already… I dont know. Really, i dont. I say that a lot these days and i also write it pretty much every blog post since im doing this challenge, but i dont really think of myself as a grounding person. Im a quiet, constant point in life, sure, but im not calming anyone. Im always nervous. Really, all the time. I think about so many things, my brain is going numb sometimes.

Wait a second, this kinda fits, doesnt it? When they are worked up about something they are ‘ready to charge’? Well i can indentify with that. If i really want something im going to try everything i can do to get it. I have no regards for my own safety if i do so though. I just do things. Seems similar to a bull – they charge, they dont care about other things.

Im not really into materialistic things though. I like them, sure, and i really appreciate what i have. But i dont need more. I believe that i already have too much right now at this very moment. Im not into finer things aswell. Im a person that thinks about details sometimes, sure, but except for that… im not into the finer materialistic things in life. Im more about the finer things of the soul if you let me write it that way. I appreciate emotions and honesty. And i really dislike expensive stuff. I once was eating at a expensive restaurant – man, i hated it so much. Im a person that just likes to do things, i dont care about weird manners or being high class. I like the simple things when it comes to materialistic things like food or even art, music or writings. I do write myself and by god, nothing that i wrote is high and mighty. Its not high quality literature. It never will be. Its common folk stuff.

So, i can indentify with the steam-rolling attitude of a taraus – i really cant agree with being materialistic though. I never want to be like that. I already was and i changed for good reasons.

Driving around like a mad man

The things we do for love, right? It was a worthwhile effort though. We drove to Erfurt today to get an apartment for my girlfriend. First visit aaand hit. The drive there was really exhaustive though  6 hours in a car aren’t exactly amazing. I’m beat. Would do it again – wouldn’t want to miss the time that I got to spend with my girlfriend here!

Blog writing challenge day 20: Put your music player on shuffle…

Thats a long one, so let me post the full challenge for today before i get started:

Put your music player on shuffle and write the first 3 songs that play and what your initial thought is

Alright, lets do this!

  • Game of Thrones Season Main Title Music

Hah! My first thought to that is ‘this music is fucking awesome!’. I really love epic music that makes me fantasize about foreign worlds with magic, unknown stories, swords, shields and all those other things that are not known that much to us these days (e.g. swords and shields may have been common in the middle ages, but they are not common now).

  • Daughter of the Flame by Audiopizza

The first picture that i had in mind here was flames. Small flames that are becoming large as the song goes on. I personally find this one to be really motivational. It makes me want to do things with a smug smile on my face.

  • Relentless by Mice & Men

I added this one to my playlist because i heard it as a theme song for a wrestling event (NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 2 if anyone here cares about that). Its a harsh song and it just seemed so right to me. Especially for wrestling. So my first thought on this one was pretty much ‘this is a really good song for a wrestling event’.

Blog writing challenge day 19: Five fears that you have

Since i really like buddhism fears are a central part of my thoughts anyways. I like to think about what i fear and why i fear it a lot. And in the end this boils down to a fear central fears.

  • I fear death.

I really do. This may be normal for us human mortal beings, or atleast for most of us, but i tend to fear it a lot more then others. I had panic attacks in the past and even though i dont have them as often these days i still know the feeling i have when the attacks happen. I want to run, but i can. I want to scream, but my body wont do it. I feel the fear of what could happen next (or what could NOT happen) and i loose my mind. I cant think clearly anymore. I just want to get away. Propably similar to a hunted animal. This kind of fear is the cause of a lot of problems for me – im affected by it geatly. It also changed me to the person i am today. I also face this fear everytime i read the newspaper or when i watch something. Death is a permanent companion in our lifes. Quite honestly, i feel really uncomfortable writing about it right now, so im going to stop. Next fear.

  • I fear wasps, bees, etc.

I hate those shitters. I mean, wasps and all of those evil creatures are just there to fuck around with people. Thats atleast what i believe. Bees, alright, i actually kinda like those – as long as they dont fucking fly around my head. I stop to think when those bugs are around me. I just wave around my hands like a weird kind of dancer. Ugh.

  • I fear loneliness

Oh its true. I wanted to go to something more cheerful to write about after my first fear, but fuck it. I fear being alone. I was alone for a reaaaaaaaaaally long time in my life. Years. Im not alone anymore right now. I want to keep it that way and i would do nearly everything to do that. Its not as easy though. Since im also a social idiot im really bad at creating new bonds. I just dont know how. So this makes all of that much harder. Its easy for others, sure – but it is not for me.

  • I fear war

Thats a generic one, huh? But it is true. War is propably the worst thing in the world, right next to various illnesses like cancer. Fuck cancer btw. War is never enjoyable and causes a lot of pain and sorrow for too many beings out there. Its not only humans, its all living things. Hopefully the current conflicts (Hellooo Mr. Trump, could you please chill the fuck out) wont escalate.

  • I fear judgment

Im not talking about divine judgment here. Its more like judgment in general. Its silly, but i really dont want to be judged. It bugs me. I try to avoid being judged as much as possible. I sometimes unconsciously try to get around it by any means. Judging is part of life though. I know that fully well. Still dont like it 😦

Thats enough fears for today. Feels really good though to talk about things like that from time to time.

Blog writing challenge day 18: Your favorite color and why

I really like the color red. Red seems so energized to me. I like it when theres a lot of energy in something or someone. Energy means life. Just like fire btw, which is also red (atleast sometimes…).

Im really not sure if i can even explain that any further. It just is what it is i guess. Ah, blood is also red. Another reason to think of life when you see the color red – blood is a very important part of our body. Without it we could live.

I never really was about favorite colors or people or anything like that. I tend to like things like the color red, yep, but it is not that important to me. I just like it and thats what it is. I dont need red stuff in my appartment or some funny stuff like that. Im not sure why others do. E.g. there are people out there that like the color pink and because of that they got a mostly pink appartment. Why? Why would you do that? That looks horrible. It really does. Create some sort of color contrast if you really have to focus on one color.

But well, yeah. Thats what i got to write to that one. You may have noticed that this is getting kinda weird for me to answer sometimes. I never really thought about some of those things and i dont want to start now. But i really want to finish this challenge and succeed with it, so bear with me for a while longer!

How i want to do things in the next few days

As the title says, i want to write a sentence or two how i want to blog in the next few days. Im still doing my blog writing challenge and i want to finish it. Im done with the larger part of it and yeah, its been fun until now. There are a few weird things to write about in there, but ill try my best to write some interesting stuff to everything. I kinda failed with the favorite color one (or i will fail with it, i guess i didnt post it until now, huh. I already wrote it though, so expect a shit show from me for that day 😀 ), but except for that i did fine i guess.

Anyways, i sometimes write a second blog post so that i break out of my challenge thing. There are other things happening in this world and sometimes i feel the urge to write about it. Until im done with the challenge i propably wont do that – i really want to concentrate on finishing this. I also believe that one post each day is a good rythm, although if i see the need alter on after the challenge to post more i will absolutely do so. Just a little notice on the side, expect me to finish the writing challenge 🙂 Ill continue with some different stuff after that. I got a few ideas.

I also continued to day with my story. The title for it (atleast for now) is ‘How to be a hero’. For now it got nothing to do with heros – im still busy with descring the history of the world i want to start with. It takes a while to create an environment where a story can play in. I will do some more stuff around the story soon. If you want to check out my current story posts look over here:

So, i just wanted to keep you folks updated on my current plans. Happy day to all of you out there!