Too many meetings in one day

Im totaaaaally looking forward to tomorrow. 6 hours of meetings.

Seriously, i hate stuff like that. I always did. If i have to do something for my money, i want to work – that means i want to do what i do best and that is developing software. Im not really all that great when it comes to meetings. Im still a bit naive when it comes to those kind of events – i sometimes promise too much that i cant deliver. The other participants sometimes try to lure you into a trap where you have to take responsability for something you cant deliver but you promised it anyways since you wanted some sort of progress. I really need to become more patient with that kind of stuff. Im not the only one though, others suffer from the same thing. Since im not that high up in the ranks i usually cant talk my way out of it though and i have to take the blame – unlike others.

Oh well, i hope ill survive. Ill let you know tomorrow. My posts will be coming a bit later then, but i will deliver. No worries.

Have a nice day everyone!

The dream daddy game

Yep. That really is a thing. Found on reddit (

What were the intentions of the developers creating this masterpiece? Did they like their fathers that much?

I mean, i get the humor behind it. I kinda do. A tiny bit. Who am i talking to here, i dont really get it. I have seen my fair share of weird stuff and this is certainly not the worst out there, but it is still really REALLY weird.

It gets even more weird since it was the number 1 on the top seller list on steam for a while (propably still is). So its really not like no one is playing this at all. Im conflicted here. Humans are weird.

i get so mad at video games

Since i was free this weekend i decided to play lots and lots of video games. I like to play a lot of team shooter games right now. Games where you actually have to work together with your team so that you can succeed. And i mostly take it rather relaxed when my team mates fuck up or anything like that – i mean, im not always doing that well either, right? You got to give those people some space.

But this morning, oh boy. I was so mad. Im still mad right now. I even got a stomach ache from it. Everything that could go wrong went wrong, we lost so many games. Additionally to that people blame each other all the time on voice chat. I love those games, but i nearly destroyed something around me. I had to quit for an hour or so so that i wouldnt become the hulk himself.

I hope that she will be alright

Im a bit worried right now.

You see, today my girlfriend is undergoing an operation in the hospital. Naturally as her boyfriend im insanely nervous.

Shes not there because she got some serious illness or because she got hurt. Fortunately shes fine! But its still a operation that she wants to be done and im willing to support her with that with all my power. But still, it worries me.

I really dont like hospitals for starters. I never did. I never was there as a patient since i was born (and im really happy about it!) and i never made any bad memories in a hospital, so im not sure where exactly this is coming from. That i wouldnt be fond of hospitals, alright, i would understand that – who likes to be in a hospital anyways? But i just feel really really bad when im in one to visit someone else.

Additionally to that, im just nervous in general about a lot of things. Especially when it comes to people that i love. I want her to be alright, but i know vaguely what will happen during the operation and since i got a really lively imagination i tend to see pictures in my mind where some doctor cuts her open. Well, i mean they kinda will do that. Thats the whole point of the operation anyways – they will have to do that to fulfill the reason why they are doing a operation in the first place. But i just dont like the thought of my girlfriend being cut open. No one would like that. I just want her to be healthy and lively.

So, i really hope that she will be fine. I wonder how long i will have to wait until she says hi via smartphone. I will eagerly await her message.

Please, if you i can have a few more seconds of you time, wish her luck with her operation! Lets hope for the best.