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Flash fiction: Military desaster

“Breach in sector 4! All units to their positions! Prepare for red alert mode!”, a loud voice echoed through the halls while people were frantically running around. Some of them had guns in their hands, others where carrying boxes and tools. Everyone had a serious expression on their faces.

“Status report!”

“Yes Sir!”. A young soldier stood infront of the commanding officer in a large room, filled with various monitors and machines that were glowing in several colors. People were walking around hectically.

“Sector 4 was breached. Several enemy units passed through. Team 6 and 9 tried to stop them. No response from them since 10:38.”

“Shit. Are the other team prepared?”, the commander asked another solider.

“Still on their way sir!”, the solider responded with a grim expression on his face.

“So the enemy is inside our base and we got no teams to respond to them. This is seriously bad. Can we evacuate?”

“Im not sure that there still is much to evacuate sir”, a solider that sat infront of one of the monitors responded with a shacking voice. “There is no response from sector 4 anymore. None. Enemy movements are reported from sector 2 and 3.”

“What?! Now, guess we dont have a choice. Quick, activate critical unit 0.”, the commander ordered to a small man that was standing silently in a corner not far from him.

“Are you sure commander? If she is unleashed on this place there will not be any way to stop her.” The man walked slowly to the commander with a veint grin on his face.

“Theres no time doctor. I rather bet on her then on our enemies if it comes to mercy. Now do it, hurry!”, the commander shouted loudly. Panic filled the room by now; people were running out of the room in groups, screaming for their lifes.

“Alright then. Dont blame for what will happen next”, the man said while loud banging sounds were to be heard in the distance. He pressed a small device that he had hidden in his coat. A few seconds after that a loud roaring sound drowned out everything else. The whole base was filled with it. Everyone inside of the room stopped moving, not knowing what just happened.

And then it began. Screaming noises filled the base again while the loud roar appeared all over the base. After an hour all noises stopped. The room was nearly empty; only a few soldiers, the commander and the strange man were left.

“Commander, dont you want to check the status of the base?”, the man asked with a villanous smile on his face. He was sitting on a comfy chair, seemingly relaxed. The commander slowly stood up from a chair right next to him. He walked to one of the free consoles not far from him and tipped a few words into it. A few seconds later a few of the numerous screens in the room flackered and images of the other sectors appeared. All the halls were filled with bodies. Not only with those of their enemies, but also those of their own soldiers. The commander started to shake and fell down to his knees.

“What happened?”, he whispered to himself while starring blankly onto the screens.

“That my friend is what you wanted.” The man stood right next to him while also starring at the screens. His face was filled with grim enjoyment and lust. “It seems like critical unit 0 did a fine job. Everyone is dead commander. I told you before what would happen if we let her loose. Shes unstoppable. As expected of my creation! A person turned machine!”. He turned around and slowly started to walk towards the exit of the room. “Dont you want to tell the outside world what happened here commander? Im sure that they are eager to know”, the man said as he arrived at the door. As he opened it and walked out a loud laugh was to be heared from him.

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Flash fiction: Airborne

You might already know professional wrestling, if not, heres a link:

Im a big fan and i was just listening to a theme song of one of those wrestler that are called high flyers. Thus i had to write something. Enjoy!

He stood on the top of the corner of the ring. High atop all of the other wrestlers he prepared for his moment of the night. The crowd cheered in anticipation as he grabbed the ropes one final times before standing tall and spreading his arms. The atmosphere around him was ear-defeaning. Everyone wanted to see his one special move that only he was willing to do. The other wrestlers waited underneath him to catch him. He took one last deep breath before he finally took off into the air. With an ease that only he ever had in his moves he rotated through the air. The faces in the crowd were filled with awe as he slowly ascended down onto his co-wrestler that safely catched him and fell down to the ground underneath him. As he was getting up again the crows errupted. Him being airborne had them cheering for serveral minutes. He soaked it all up, well knowing that his time to shine was over for this night.

As the other wrestlers started to do their moves on him he still only had the moment in mind where everyone only cheered for him. As that what he was living for – the moments where he could please the crowd and be airborne.

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Flash fiction: Domination

“Dont even try it, i will dominate. I already know.”

“But how could you even know? You dont even know what im capable of. I tell you, im a beast. A monster! Im not even sure that you can compete with me.”

“I just know. Everything i do, everyone i compete with, doesnt matter what, i always dominate.”

“I wonder if this is your confidence in your abilities or just pure arrogance speaking here…”

“None of those both. I just dominate every time. I got the skills. I got the concentration. I got the willpower. I got the hunger. All of those factors just bring me to that one result. I. will. dominate. you.

I mean, its simple. As one wise man once said, you know they say all men are created equal. But you look at me and you look at yourself and you can see that statement is not true! See, normally if you go 1 on 1 with me you got a 50/50 chance of winning! But im a freak and im not normal, so you got a 25% chance at best. If we add to the mix that im just the best there is your chances of winning will drastically go down! The numbers dont lie and they spell disaster for you if you ever try to compete with me!”

“What kind of wise man was that?…”

“A wrestler.”

“Oh boy…”

“He got a degree in education. Hes a smart person!”



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Flash fiction: monster jobs

He walked along the floor through a sliding door. Several monsters, attrocious beasts, sat on a table in the middle of a room there. Some of them where sipping on cups full of  unknown fluids, others where eating something unrecognizable that they took out of a bowl in the middle of the table.

After looking around he got to the table and the monsters.

“You guys done for today?”, he asked with a slightly bored voice.

“Yeah. You too, right? How did you do today?”, one of the others asked back at him.

“Not all that good. I tried to scare like 10 different kids, but they were all busy looking at their smartphones or tablets. This job isnt what it used to be. Really.”, he answered with a loud sigh.

“True, true. I only had 3 kids on my list today, but thats because demand was low to begin with. 2 of those 3 did the same thing your kids did. The last one was just lying there. When i appeared and tried to scare her she just laughed loudly, turned over and went to sleep. Can you imagine that? I was standing there, right in the middle of her room and shes just going to sleep, totally unfaced. Shes propably seen some horrible things already or something. I mean, how can you not be scared at all?”, the other monster complained to him, while munching on some of the unrecognizable stuff out of the bowl.

“Maybe its time to search for some other job. Not sure what though…”, he said while he was sitting down on one of the chairs. He put one of his hands on the back of his head and started to scratch.

“Yeah, what could we do anyways?”, the other one mumbled with a depressed voice.

“Hm. Cant go to the movies anymore, that one is already old. Those other guys had their deal with that famous american movie company and look what happened to them. I heard one of them is doing drugs and the other one got a drinking problem.”

“Yes, horrible stuff. Maybe we should go for something more physically intensive. Construction worker?”, the other suggested.


And so both argued back and forth for various kinds of jobs that they could do instead, but in the end they did stick with what they were doing right now. After all, what can monsters even do these days?

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The story of how Madox was born

“Gather around fine people of this god forsaken place! Gather around! Enjoy the finest stories of me-self, the person that travelled the world and saw so much, my brain nearly exploded once! The great Madox”, an old man with a hawaiian shirt shouted through the bar. People all over the place turned around and gathered around him, expecting something from him. Some shook their heads in anger of being distracted from what they were doing before, others looked on curiously, not knowing what the old man would want to tell them now.

“Ah, hello folks! Now then, let me tell you guys a fine tale. It is all true, i can tell you that much before i even start! It is about after all, so why would i lie? I remember it all with a passion as it happened. You guys might need to know, im a genius! I always was, of course. Even when i was a little baby. You might ask yourself, how would he know that? He was there, right, but a baby doesnt remember shite, huh? Now then, you havent seen me as a baby then! I was so glorious, i tell you that much. As my dearest mother pressed me out of here womb, i elegantly slandered out of there. I instantly noticed how bloody dirty i was – being just born and all, you know? But i couldnt clean myself, because baby hands, i tell ya, they are not really made for work. So i had to wait for the nurse like a bloody normal person! It was unbelievable for me back then. I tried telling the nurse to hurry up and i already said my first words back then! The nurse just looked at me in awe and after i asked again whats holding her up she screamed and ran out. Im not sure why that was, really. Maybe she was just blended by my glory? Me being just a normal, walking talking baby – honestly, that wasnt a big deal, right? So i just stood there, wondering where the nurse went to when the doctor came in. He propably was notified by the nurse because his face seemed just as frightened as her screams. But he was a reasonable man and after a 15 minute talk we agreed that i shouldnt walk and talk for now. The world wasnt ready for me like that and everyone should get some time to get used to it. My parents though, well, they were really happy about it. I mean, i was a genius after all, right? Best in the world at everything i do.

So thats how my birth went. After that i made my Masters degree at the Harvard before i was 2 years old. I invented the internet when i was 5 and was the president of the united nations, even though it was just for a short time because people were always just in awe of my genius and no one was able to make solid judgments when i was around. But thats what happens folks when smart people like me are around, isnt that so?”

The people around him just stood there in awe, not sure if they should laugh or shake their heads in dismissal.

“I tell you that much folks, this was just a harmless tail of a genius baby and one of the most sane stories from my life. Now then, want to hear more?”

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Wait what, 4 years?!

So just yesterday i just did what i always do here – i post another blog post and i wait for people to read it. I usually eagerly await the reaction to my content – usually in the form of likes. While i was checking those orange dots on my mobile phone i saw something that was kinda different. The following message was shown on my screen:


I was like ‘Whaaaat?’. 4 years? How did that happen?

Now, after a while of thinking back and remembering what i did with blogs in the last few months and so on i kinda got it all back together.

You see, i started blogging 4 years ago, this is no lie. I posted pretty regularly aswell, allthough my content was kinda… well, shitty. Wouldnt necessarily say that it is all that much better these days, but atleast im trying. But i was in a phase back then where i didnt want to commit to anything all that much. This also had to do with some pretty serious mental problems that surfaced during that time.

I was doing my masters degree back then and only had that one goal in mind – finish that degree. I knew that i had to get a job afterwards, but this wasnt really anything i was worked towards to. I just wanted this to be done with. While i was writing my masters thesis i already had panic attacks and stuff like that. I shook them off back then, ignoring them completely, only working towards my final goal. I never thought that this would came back to haunt me later. But this also explains why i didnt blog seriously. I just wanted to do something, because i was unconsciously searching for meaning in my life. But since i wasnt able to commit to anything at all it didnt stick and thus blogging back then didnt feel like anything meaningful. So i stopped blogging.

Through the years this cycle continued while i was battling myself with my panic attacks and my fear of death and life in general. I started and stopped, over and over again. Allthough i was able to recuperate from my personal problems after a while (atleast to the degree that i still maintain right now – i can enjoy some things again!) this blogging problem still continued. Only this year, in may, i started commiting to blogging seriously. I wanted to start something else besides gaming, work and caring for my girlfriend. I needed something in my life where i could write down my fantasies that i have pretty much all the time. Because this is something that i always had, a fantasy that was so alive, i sometimes catch myself running around in my appartment for hours, deep in thoughts about my fantasy worlds and stories, not noticing anything else.

And so i got to those 4 years. And these days is propably one of the most active times that i ever had on here. And i want to continue to do just that – posting, writing things, providing you with stories that may be great or totally suck ass.

I got to thank you all too for your continued likes and views. Even though i dont want to write for others, i really enjoy it if someone shows me that they like what i do here.

With that, good day to all of you fine people out there!

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Flash fiction: Transformation

Thimoteus looked up. “Sir!”, a young man in uniform said while standing infront of him, eagerly awaiting the next words of him. “Speak soldier”, Thimoteus uttered quietly while looking down again on some papers. “Sir, the preparations are finished. We are ready to proceed with the transformation experiment”, the soldier responded with a firm and loud voice. “So loud… thanks soldier. I will be right there to start things of”, he answered. The solider noded and left the room with a fast step. ‘This one seems to look forward to it huh. I wonder why that is?’, Thimoteus thought to himself with a annoyed expression on his face. ‘I mean sure, we built a giant robot that can transform itself to various things. The ultimate combat machine so to speak! But is that really something that you should look forward to? Hm. Maybe its just those movies that somehow created a certain level of expectation for those young guys. Sadly it wont be anything like that. This one got no consciousness itself; its following our orders. It is there to fight wars for us and nothing else. It propably will fight against other robots in the future at some point, sure, but those battles will be like a puppet play. Just grown up men playing war with their dolls.’ He sighed loudly while standing up. ‘Not like we got a choice though.’ While taking his jacket that was filled with various medals he slowly walked out of the room towards a big dark hall, were a mountain of metal and electronics awaited its resurection to change the world to a much darker place.

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Fiction: spirals

Spirals are what my life are these days. Every day is another one. The same things happen every day and cause the same effect. Wouldnt that be a circle you might ask here. 

Now then, what makes the difference between circles and spirals? A circle means that it’s always exactly the same. A spiral though, as vicious as it might seem my friends, will remember what was and stack new things on top of the old. And thus, by definition, a spiral is the evil twin of a circle that will torture you with the same over and over again, but always with odds that are just a bit worse then before.