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Quote: Stop thinking too much

There’s a lot of truth in that. I’m one of those guys that’s just thinking way too much all day long about everything. It never did anything good for me.

At work, stuff that I do – I always think about it long and hard. What are the consequences, is it the right thing to do? Are people mad?

It is unnecessary though. Things happen anyways. And as the quote says, often you create a problem through the power of your mind that wouldn’t be there if you would just do things instead of thinking about them.

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Opinion: Current politics == Comedy

Note: This is a bit controversial. It’s about politics. If you are not into opinions about politics, don’t read any further! I don’t want to discriminate anyone or something. I just felt like ranting.

So let’s talk about it. You don’t know it yet, but i recently got a new problem.

I watch too many comedy shows. Yes, i know. Why would i ever do that? I mean, fun? Really? Why would anyone want fun? Laughing, ugh.

Im joking of course. Most things out there are okay to do as long as you get a laugh out of it. Watching comedy shows is probably one of the more harmless things to do.

You could always do something more serious instead and try to fuck that up. Like politics. Man, politics sound like fun, right?

I mean you know what Im talking about, right? There’s the obvious comedy in politics, for the people that like to not think while enjoying themselves. Hello people from the USA, how are you guys? Your president kinda satisfies those needs.He’s so hilarious. Granted that he actually does so many silly things while being one of the most powerful human beings on earth, but where do we get if we take everything serious?

Up until now everyone out there probably has seen a good amount of Tweets and News about him. It’s not that hard, you don’t need to really search for that. Even over here in Europe you can put on any random TV channel and chances are high that there’s something related to that guy on.

We Europeans though; we don’t need to look over to America to see Grade A political comedy. Just today i saw the news that the British Brexit Minister gave up his position. A tragic tale, im sure of it. He probably noticed that this whole deal will fall to bits at some point or another. You can’t win if your only task at your job is take care of that. It’s like stopping Trump from tweeting. Can’t do that.

And the whole Brexit thing is a disaster anyways. Right from the very beginning it was bad. At Least the things that i saw as a German citizen.

First the people decided they want to split from Europe. Now though they are not so sure anymore. Or are they? No one knows. Sometimes i believe that even the Brits themselves don’t know. It’s a mystery. They will leave next year though. Maybe. It’s decided for now and everything, but i wont believe it until they are really gone. There’s still time to go back on that.

And even when they are out, they may or may not come back at some point in the future. I mean, separating themselves from everyone else in a world that is highly affected by Globalization and being connected internationally kinda sounds like a bad idea. At Least to me. But you go over there on your island, you do you.

If i go for political comedy right now these days i actually don’t have to look over to the USA though. Nope, i don’t even need Great Britain for that. Im German, right? There’s so much comedy gold right in front of me these days. You may or may not have seen it on the news, but we got a big struggle between our governing parties these days. The grand coalition is at work and they all hate each other. With passion.

There’s the CDU, the biggest one of them with chancellor Merkel leading them. She kinda lost a lot of her aura and power in the last few months, basically because she’s doing what she always did. She’s waiting for better times to come. She’s not the main problem these days.

It’s not the SPD either, although those guys are just floating along, enjoy the ride as long as they can. Who knows how long they will still exist. They are probably happy as fuck that no one from their ranks fucked something big up recently.

The problem child currently is the CSU, the partner of the CDU in Bavaria. Yes, there’s a special party over there. There might have been reasons in the past for that, but these days, no one understands why that is still a thing. They are also part of the coalition that leads Germany. They are heavily over-represented and happily mix up their local, Bavarian concerns with German concerns. Unfortunately both of those things are not the same; their Bavarian concerns are like ‘oh no, the AFD (a right-wing party) is overtaking us. Quick, lets overtake them ourselves from the right. They totally wont see that coming!’. The same thing is a nation-wide problem, surely, but they desperately try to convince potential voters through silly actions. It’s so blatant.

Anyways, those guys argued a bit. Actually, they did that a lot. The CSU even made an ultimatum. Agree with our plans or we will split apart and force re-elections. And everyone hates elections these days, because the right-wing parties will take even more votes. I don’t like right-wing parties myself either, not at all. But there’s a reason why no one is voting for the bigger parties. It may be better to think about how they could actually make better politics instead of doing things for the sake of doing things. Scary, i know. Who would ever want politicians that the people could actually believe in and are not just some cartoony figures that talk a lot and basically produce hot air.

But oh well, you gotta live with what you have. At Least it is what it is – comedy gold and free amusement. The cost for it? Our future.

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Opinion: I dont like family gatherings

So give me a second to explain for you start rioting because of that title. There are good and solid reasons for me saying that. Probably.
Let me tell you a start first. Why do i write about that right now?
On saturday i was on a birthday. To be exact, it was the birthday of my grandmother. It was her 80th. A great occasion. Living for 80 years is something i want to do as well. There are so many out there who don’t get that far. But that’s not the point here. So we went there. I already saw the signs before that though.
I know my family and birthday parties usually involve something cringy, a lot of waiting, no organisation and planning and chaos. And lots of people from rural parts of Germany that want to talk for hours, i totally forgot about them. What can i say, all of that was there. They didn’t leave out anything at all. We didn’t drive directly to the restaurant where my grandma wanted to celebrate, nope. Before that we just had to gather at her house. My aunt lives there as well. And as all 50 people gathered there in their garden that was way too small for everyone and the heat melted us all everyone already started talking. Because what can you do except for that at family gatherings?
After like 30 minutes of waiting there we finally decided to go to the restaurant. Not everyone had arrived until then, but stuff cant wait forever when you tell the restaurant to be there at a certain time. When we got there though we had to wait again. It is common practice over here to have champagne reception for special events like big birthdays, marriages or something like that. So they did that. At 30-35 degrees celsius. And it lasted like nearly 2 hours. So much fun. When i arrived all of the seats where already taken, so i had to make due with what was left and sat on a stone wall right in the sun. Can’t just stand around all day long, right?
And then we finally went inside. I hoped that things would get better there. After all, restaurants these days got air-conditioning. That’s what i thought at least.
I was wrong. With time, due to hot food and 50 people sitting in one room, it got even hotter than outside. Seriously, it was exhausting to just sit there. But you can’t leave in those kind of situations. Not even if it is horribly hot. The food was good though, although i couldn’t eat as much as i would have wanted to. People will talk too much and annoy you if you do that.
And then the cringy stuff was happening. Like i said, cant have a family event without something like that. The family of my aunt wanted to sing a song and all of my grandma’s grandchildren should kiss her on the cheek afterwards. This doesn’t sound too bad and really, it wasn’t. But i don’t like shit like that. Why do you need to sing? Why the choreography? (There was more, just fyi). They did stuff that was worse in the past. Can’t they just do normal things? Like giving her a normal present instead?
Well, in the end i left early. I was done eating, people were just continuing to talk for hours and hours without any end and i don’t like that. I’m socially awkward and im not good at small talk anyways.
But well, that’s what i did this weekend. What did you guys do? Hope you all had a great time out there! 🙂

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War! – Marshing [Flash fiction]

“Smash! Smash! Smash!”. The screams halled through the strong walls of the stone halls. It was filled with orks in green or brown colors, many of them with ferocious teeth. All of them were screaming on top of their lungs while wildly swinging around various kinds of axes,swords and spears and stomping on the ground with their feet. Some of them shook their heads in wild fits and hit their weapons on their own heads. The atmosphere was bursting with excitement and bloodlust.
A older ork with a white beard showed himself in front of them on a large pedestal. The crowd roared out to him as he positioned himself up there while looking onto them with satisfaction. After a few seconds he tried to calm them down before he started to speak. The crowd stopped to stomp on the crowd and everyone went silent.
“Grunts! The time has come!”. The crowd roared once more. The stomping started again for a few seconds until the old ork started to speak again. “The war god spoke to the shaman months ago. He wanted to see blood! The blood of the humans. And now is the time to give it to him!”. The crowd cheered. “We will fight them in battle and rip their souls out of their tiny bodies. We will crush them until nothing of them will be left!”. He pulled his axe from his belt. “And we will start doing so at Paris. It will be the first human infestation to fall to us. From there we will conquer the continents and finally the world to get rid of them all!”. He lifted his axe in the air. The other orks once more started to scream ‘Smash!’ repeatedly.
“Lets go! For the war god!”. And thus, with fierce expressions in their faces they started marching. Down from the depths of their world, deep under all that is known to humankind. Ferocious orks, towering easily above the largest humans and muscle-bound, mixed with even large ogers that swung tree trunks around them, hurting their comrades in the process. Small goblins ran along besides them, trying to find their way without getting killed by all the stomping.
All that was important for them right now was that it was time for war. And in war only the satisfaction of the gods and victory mattered to them.

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Dinosaurs were scary

So today is sunday (or rather, yesterday i guess but i wrote it on sunday) and this is pretty much my day of the week where i don’t need to do anything at all. Like really nothing. This rarely happens these days. I often don’t need to do all that much, but there’s quite often something happening. But today is nothing.
Every time i got to do nothing at all i tend to ask myself weird questions about life (i just spent like an hour to Google things about Buddhism. Religions are always interesting to me! I usually don’t have the time to research though). I also play games and watch weird documentations. Like right now, as the title of this blog posts already told you as well. There’s a documentation on about dinosaurs. And man, there were some ferocious beats out there.
I knew about the T-Rex. Who doesn’t? There are movies out there like Jurassic World. But there were things out there back then that were even larger and heavier. It’s really amazing. There were dinosaurs that weighed in at like 75 tons. Those were vegetarians. Even those guys though had others hunting them in some way or another. I’m always amazed how this worked. The prime example of nature at work – there’s something big and there’s something else that specializes on hunting the big ones.

Good example for this is Predator X (Pliosaurus) – propably the biggest hunter in the sea. They were other reptile hunters that were rather big aswell, but he was the biggest and scariest. I mean, look at that beast. He weighed in at 45 tons. Compared to the harmless fishes today this is a whole fucking lot.

But what is also quite fascinating and scary at the same time is how merciless that world back then was. Don’t get me wrong, it probably still is today in nature out there, but we humans aren’t used to that since we are living in our own world. We also conquered everything we know through the power of our mind and the inventions that we made. We didn’t have those big animals to fight against.
But nature sure is rough. Different feelings and emotions are involved. The hunters didn’t care for their prey. They didnt care what they ripped off and how many cruelties they saw. I’m pretty sure that they had no morals too. Which all seems devastating if there would be someone in the human world that thought just like that, but back then with those dinosaurs it was fine. Times change though and if we compare it to that we can be absolutely happy about that. Watching documentations like that make me appreciate the peace and happiness that i have a lot more.

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Opinion: Life is great

Well hello there!
How are you guys? Hopefully great. I’m great, at least as far as i can tell right now. I’m just sitting here, chillin’, doing basically nothing. A casual sunday evening. And i had a few great vacation days. So much fun.
It is just so amazing – a vacation where you actually feel well, where you get to do fun stuff with your special one and where you are able to rest up a bit. I also got quite a bit food for thoughts. Things that bothered me for a long time and still do are apparent again through that. Am i doing the right things with my life? What about my fear of death? Can i do something about it through researching it? Shouldn’t i try to focus on life itself instead?
Because in all honesty, i am a rather pessimistic person. I did much as much before on this blog, didnt i? Oh well. Doesn’t matter.
It boils down to me always expecting bad things to happen. Always doubting my decisions, always thinking about how to handle things and more importantly how to handle failure. I never do things just like that. Which is one of the reasons why i fare so well in life right now. I plan my actions. I expect the bad things.
But is that really the way to go? I actually got a few pointers that brought me back to that from a story someone told in the last couple of days. It was about a guy. He is married, happily i assume. Him and his wife got no kids. Which is fine, if you can handle it guess. They only got a few friends. Which is also not a real problem. What really made me think is that his wife had a hard time in the last couple of years. Her health wasn’t all that amazing and she was under pressure and had a lot of stress. Because of her job, but also due to several other private issues. The husband though, he’s a different kind of human. He got no job – that’s the first thing that is kinda odd. He also is a rather pessimistic and bitter person. He complains a lot and often doubts that things could work out the way they want to. He always says that things aren’t easy and this and that wont happen and all of that. He even sometimes complains for his wife.
And all of that is just something in don’t really understand. He should be happy person, right? He got so much free time. He got money – they really are not poor. He could easily do something in his life if he would want to. Things could be achieved. But he continues complaining. And over the years he turned into the bitter person he is right now. And it kinda bothers the people around him. At least some of them.
All of that got me thinking. All right, you don’t want to turn up like him, right? You want to have a job, right? You want to have that special feeling of you being able to earn your own living with your own hands, right?
But you also want to do something with your life, isn’t that so? Being all pessimistic, bitter, questioning yourself and everything there is is probably not the way to happiness. If one continues to do so you will change over time. You will become a different person – a human that embodies all the negativity that you will have talked about over a certain time span. You will start to lose faith in good things.
But humanity itself isn’t helping with that either these days. Go out and watch the news. How is that helping anyone with feeling better? There’s just so much cruelty and sadness out there all over mainstream media. Yes, i get it, bad things happen. People die and our planet and eco systems dies with them. I know we gotta keep that in mind to make the world a better place – but wouldn’t it cheer people up to also hear about some good stuff from time to time?
Well, in the end i made a decision. A small one. I want to think about how i can become a more optimistic person. For real this time. Because the way i was until now can’t go on like that anymore. I will slowly die from the inside if i do that. And i really don’t want that – life is way too great to allow that.
So lets get that thought process going, shell we?

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When it rains it pours

Bloody hell. My days here are weird, friends.

Just today I had like one of the shittier (is that a word?) days recently. Which is saying a lot, because my mood swings is going nuts and stuff tends to not work out for me in the last couple of weeks.

So I had an argument with my girlfriend yesterday. Or rather, things happened. Whatever. Not important. She wasnt happy. So I thought about life a lot. Because of that I couldn’t sleep. This is a bit automatic for me. When stuff happens, well, I got to think. That’s what I do.

Anyways, I woke up and wanted to drive to work. Like I usually do. And my car didn’t want to move as usual. It stuttered and I kinda feared that my motor was broken. I somehow made it to my workplace with it though. Worst drive of my life. Na, I shouldn’t lie – it’s not the worst one. Top 5 though.

So I called million of places after that so that my car could be repaired. Had to wait for a while after work to get it atleast temporarily fixed so that I could get it to the repair place. And of course, I still had to work while thinking about my ducking car.

Responsible for my problems was that guy:

Hes called a marten. He chewed on a few cables of my car.

While I was waiting for the guy to fix my car temporarily it also rained like hell. Love it when all the shit comes together.

What shitty stuff will happen tomorrow? Tune in again to find out!

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The work wasnt done after all

Hi guys!

Just a small bit straight out of my life. I just finished 2 days of a workshop that suddenly popped up on my horizon this week. This is also the reason why i wasnt able to post yesterday and today, but let me explain this a bit further.

My co-worker went on vacation this week. Monday was a general holiday, so i also was free. On the next day i went to work just like normal. After my first meeting for the day (because thats what i recently do a lot, i attend meetings) i came back to my office. I noticed that new meeting for Wednesday in my calendar. I was wondering about that – i knew that there was something lined up for Thursday, i already had gotten that info last Friday. So i asked around. My boss, the customer that had sent me the invitation to the mentioned new meeting. And after a while i learned that it was a 2-day workshop where i had to go to as a substitution for my co-worker that wasnt here.

Sucks huh? Im kinda mad about it. I do not mind to go to the occasional meeting. Not at all. As much as i hate them, they are necessary. People need to talk about stuff to coordinate their efforts.

But 2 straight days? What the fuck is this? Im making software – im a tech guy. I dont want to talk to others for 2 days. I want to create software. Additionally im not getting paid for shit like that. My co-worker is my senior – he calls himself ‘software architect’. Hes earning more each month exactly for shit like that. To just put it on me and atleast yesterday me alone isnt really my kind of deal. Even more so because it was rushed – i didnt know all that much about it until i sat in there.

So im a bit stressed because of that. Will resume posting tomorrow. I guess.

To put another info out there – i wont be posting next week thursday and friday aswell. My girlfriend is coming down to where i live and obviously i will spend some time with her.

I hope you guys out there had some better days than me! Have fun out there!

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Evija – Meta – About the story

Hi guys! Hope you all have a fine day out there!

You might have read one or multiple of my posts in the last week of my new story, Evija. As i mentioned before, this one is close to my heart. I wanted to write this story for years and now i started doing so. Im also highly motivated to continue doing so for quite a long time.

Now, i posted the first chapter online. The reception was quite good 🙂 People read it and liked it. Now, the second chapter is already in the workings. I got like 3 new posts from it lined up already. It will be quite a bit longer then the first chapter.

I do wonder though, how should i name those posts? Just going like chapter 1, part 1 or something seems so… tiresome. It doesnt seem as interesting as the story might be. I also need to change up some images for these kind of posts aswell.

Additionally i will mix it with some normal flash fictions and additonal content surrounding my story, like character bios or descriptions in book-like form of landscapes and historical developments inside of the story-world. I see this not only as a single story, but a whole universe that im developing. Naturally, a universe does contain thousands of stories and all of them need to be told.

This also opens up opportunities to make all stories together more interesting by connecting them with each other with even more stories. Stuff like that. Im not exactly sure how this will work out and i have to admit, Marvel and their Universe inspired me a bit with the general idea to try something like that. But it just fascinating to me. We will see how this will work out in the end.

So expect more of it on Monday. Until then, have a good time out there! 🙂