Blog writing challenge day 13: Your commute to and from work

First of all yes, i have to commute quite a bit. Its a 17 km distance, which doesnt seem like much at first, but it takes like 30 minutes to drive from my home to work. Why is that?

Well, you see, i live in an appartment thats a little bit out there in a smaller village. If you want to get there in reasonable time you have to use your car. Buses drive around here all the time too, but they got those weird routes that lead everywhere else but not directly to that train station down in the center of the town im living in. Weird if you ask me. Im not sure why that is.

Anyways, because of that i got to drive with my car. I always have to drive through a neighbouring city. Not really that big, but the overall traffic concept is shit. There are several choke points that you have to get through to move past that. And thats why it always takes so long to get anywhere. One of those choke points is also a freeway (or Autobahn). This makes it even harder to get anywhere since there are ALWAYS crashes there. Accident happen pretty much daily.

But yeah, thats pretty much it. Thats how i commute to work. Interesting? Propably not. But its a thing. And stuff. Yep. Moving oooooooooooooon…

Blog writing challenge day 12: Two words/phrases that make you laugh

So the challenge for today is a hard for me. Im usually not a person that laughs much. Im a serious guy – i like my share of fun, surely, but i dont really joke around all that much. not in the usual sense though. I like black humor or insulting stuff. Atleast sometimes. I know, im a horrible human being. Back to topic though!

Two words or phrases that make you laugh…hm…

Im not sure i know of any phrases or words that really make me laugh. I know a few good ones though. Maybe those will suffice. There is no one judging me here if i bend the rules a bit, right? RIGHT?…


The first one is the typical english “you know”. People seem to use it a lot. Atleast some people with english/american origins. Im not exactly sure where this is coming from, but its a weird phrase to use in my opinion. Its not really telling you anything, but its still there and seems like it does something for you. I sometimes use it too, just to fuck around. In german we got something similar – ‘verstehst du?’ or ‘weißte?’ or ‘was?’. All of them basically mean the same as you know.

The other one…ehm…

If i have to name something, its the use of the words fuck and fucking in the english language. I find that to be hilarious. Some people use those words in every context. This implies some sort of aggressive or fuckery mood (hah!). Or atleast it does for me. Those people propably use it just because they learned it that way or because it is cool or something. Im not really sure. Im really not. The use of those words is also common in germany, sure – but its really not as common as in english speaking countries, even if you count in the german equivalent ‘verfickt’ or anything similar to that. Atleast from my pov.

So thats it. Hopefully this wasnt to obscene for anyone. Its actually really hard to find some good things to write to this topic. Who actually thinks about funny words or phrases in their free time? I usually dont. But now i did, you know. Fuck me, right?

Blog writing challenge day 11: Your current relationship

Since I am in a relationship i dont have to talk about being single. Lucky me 🙂

Soo, anyways, i got a girlfriend. Let me discuss that. She usually reads what i write here as she let me know a while ago, so hi there by the way. Let me know what you think about this my love.

So, we are together since February now and in my own opinion i think it is going really well. Sure, there are problems sometimes – most of them are propably caused by me. Im a person that is hard to deal with on a daily basis so im really grateful to have her and that she didnt leave me until now. I create a lot of drama and i do a lot of useless shit, like all the time. Shes still here though and i love her for that.

Though we sometimes think differently about our relationship. This is normal and propably happens in all relationships out there. I was really long single before this relationship – for like 8 long years with 2 short disruptions. I dont really know how this kind of stuff works and how to handle a woman. I guess she kinda noticed that aswell. I got on her nerves so much because of that. I forgot things that i shouldnt have forgotten and i didnt do things that are normal for a man in a relationship.

Additionally to that im a huge nerd. Im not good with people in general and got pretty much no friends. I personally am fine with that – but this makes it hard for me to deal with the people she likes. They are all great human beings, this is not the problem. I just dont know what to do when i meet them.

But like i wrote above, shes still here, despite all of the problems i cause. I love her and i hope that we will be happy for a long time to come.

Writing about games

I wonder, is it a good idea to blog about games? Or should I focus on my stories instead? I actually even thought about making some sort of novel-type story there. Btw, I started writing something new there. I’ll probably publish that later on this week. 

I’m wondering about games though. I really do. I like them and there’s a lot of weird stuff out there, but is there anyone on WordPress who is reading stuff like that? I’m curious!

Stressful days

I wrote about how i was sick last week and how i thought it would have been because of stress, right?

Guess who’s having even more stress this week. Oh baby this is so sick. Hopefully im not going to be sick AGAIN though. I am needed. Sometimes.

It pisses me of though that i got this stress again. I dont like it, not one bit. Tedious discussions at work that seemingly take forever + some private stuff that really is concerning really has its impact on me. I really want some vacation right now. I got a free Friday this week and next week, sure, but its just one day each week. I got a few vacation days left and i saw a cool week in autumn with 2 holidays in it anyways. Maybe ill take this one and do my back to nature thing that i wanted to do for a while now. Or i build something for my pets. I havent done that in a while. I dont know guys…

Stressful days suck.

Blog writing challenge day 10: A fruit you dislike and why

I really hate bell pepper. I googled it, its really a fruit. I was doubtful aswell, but the internet isnt lying, right?

But seriously, i hate that stuff. If it is somewhere in the food i dont eat it. I also get nausea from it. The taste of it just is so very weird to me.

Im not sure though why i hate it. I never had a any bad experiences with it and i wasnt really forced to eat it in the past. I actually hated cucumbers instead for a long time, but i dont mind those these days. Weird stuff. Its just one of those things that propably somehow became a thing because of some things that i experienced at some point.

But when it comes to other fruits i dont mind most of them. Im not a big fan of pineapples either, but i eat them if i have to, sure.

But except for that i cant recall any fruit i really dislike. Not at all.

Blog writing challenge 9: Your feelings on ageism

Ageism is a word i did not know before. Had to google it. I didnt even know that this is a thing – to discrimate someone because of his or her age. Why would anyone do that?

My feelings on this is that no one should be discriminated because of that. Simple as that. Age is just a number you know. Sure, there are certain things that change with age – like wrinkles or other bodily features that change their appearance over time. But in general e.g. old people got a lot to share aswell. They got something that we younger folks dont have and thats the experience to know certain things or to have some realizations that we just cant have because we didnt live through certain things.

Although, there is also a side to that that shouldnt be ignored and that is that with age, as i wrote above, your bodily functions change. Things like your eyes and ears wont get necessarily better. Because of that i personally think that it is totally fine to e.g. create special tests for elderly car drivers. No one should endanger others just because of stubbornness. The abilities that are neccessary to drive a car detoriate with age, if you like it or not. Fortunately many are acceptable of that fact. No one should be discriminated because of that though. Its a huge step to accept that you just cant do the same things anymore. You can do others though, as i mentioned above, that the younger people just cant because they are lacking life experience.

In the end i dont see any room for ageism. Things change over time, sure, but one can always profit from others, doesnt matter how old the others and how old you are.

A manly man

Im still a bit sick. I wrote about this like 3 days ago on Friday. Atleast i believe so. Or maybe it was Thursday? It doesnt matter.

With ‘a bit sick’ i mean like my nose is still weird and today i had a really light headache. That was weird as fuck. It wasnt really hurting me, but it still was annoying and didnt let me concentrate at all. Im lucky that my work doesnt require me to concentrate all the time, although we had a meeting today. Not with customers, just a internal one. Turned out to be fine. The real test for my health will come tomorrow. 4 hour-meeting-Tuesday, wohooo! I will be able to show everyone that im a manly man. No one will notice except me and no one will care either, but im totally manly when im going to work with a cold. So cool, right? So manly. Amaaaazing. By the way, im joking.

My co-worker did this like 2 weeks ago. Thats how i got sick. Im pretty much fine now and didnt go to work last week when i was way worse, so im able to complain here, right?

Naa, in the end i feel fine and i dont mind a cold, but i dont want my head to hurt anymore. It did that a lot recently and hopefully it will stop soon too. My people need me and stuff. Everyone seems to have problems these days and i need to be there to help. A lot of stuff is going on, especially in my girlfriend’s life.

Im not sure what i wanted to express with this post, but anyways…

I hope you guys are all healthy and well!