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Flash fiction: The winds of winter

The winds were blowing over the land. With their cold hands they were grasping for everything that was there. Every living being, every building, every plant and every stone. Nothing was save.

There was no escape.

The people, they tried to fight them. With thick woolen coats they fought it. Oil and wood were burned inside their houses to summon its rival that is called fire. But in the end, all warmth was lost and their fates were sealed.

The animals, they tried fighting aswell. Deep inside the earth they digged to get closer to the ever-melting core of this very planet. To hide from the force that was cold and deadly. But even then they were not save.

In the end the winds of winter always win. After all, the colds arent new conquerers – they are the natives of these lands, trying to get back what was once only theirs and theirs alone.

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Flash fiction: Trains

I just sit here, inside the ever-moving machine. It cracks, it screams. The rythmic sounds of the wheels clanking on the hard iron of the tracks, bouncing back because of the sheer force that works against them.

Right next to me are people. All kinds of people. Black and white, old and young. They speak many languages – some of them German, others English. And their topics are vast too.

One middle aged man is remembering his last visit to Berlin. The moment when he made his way out of the train, smelling the city. A young man standing next to him, smoking a joint. The loud noises of the cars all around him.

Someone else is complaining about not getting their reserved seats. Loudly, angrily.

A wide array of opinions and stories, all cramed into one small space that we call a train.

And one of them, listening to them all, trying to soak in as much as he can – me.

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Jack Dude’s mind, a flash fiction

A young man sat quietly on a couch. It was a comfy couch – one you would put in your own living room so that you can chill out and watch Netflix while you eat food after a long and hard day. As it happens, the man was doing just that. He was just sitting there, minding his business. He also was watching TV. What a mindless drone he was, consuming that what the media put out there for the unwashed masses. You cant blame him too much though because he was no different.

As it happens the young man started to think. He thought to himself ‘Hey, im so lazy right now. What if my mind could think for me so that I dont have to do it myself anymore? What if my mind would be a different thing inside my head that could do the right things for me?’.

“That would be cool”, Jack said to himself while wondering how lazy someone like him could be. Such a lazy, dumb person.

“Who is that? Whos there? Someone called me dumb just now, who is it? WHO IS IT?!”. Jack jumped up from his couch and stood there in the middle of his own living room, asking thin air to respond to his ridiculous fantasies.

“They are NOT ridiculous! Where are you you numb nut? Where are you hiding?!”. Frantically he was searching around his living room. Just like a scared sheep, searching for the wolf. Amazing how one person couldnt notice the obvious.

“Could you stop describing what im doing? This is annoying! And show yourself too so that i can beat you so hard, youll feel it next week!”. Jack shouted aaaaaall accross his appartment. Now, why cant he figure out where that curious voice was talking from? Was he really that dumb? REALLY?

“Im not dumb!”

Really though? Are you sure about that Jack?

“Of course i am! What kind of question is that anyways? Show yourself!”

Thats what he said my dear readers.

“W-What, readers? This is NOT a story!”, Jack responded with a scared voice. So you are scared now, huh? Stories are scary, arent they? Especially if you notice that you are part of one yourself.

Now, dont panic. I can see that look on your face. We cant have that now, can we? You panicking all around wont help us maintain that story. So ill tell you.

“No, dont tell me! Show yourself!”

Thats what i mean with telling. I am you you fool.

“What do you mean you are me? I am me, not you.”

That is wrong and right at the same time. We are the same. Intertwined as two entities in a single body, i am the mind that you have wished for, the everlasting narrator to your graaaand story, the soul that will guide yo to success, the-

Wait, what are you doing? Dont turn on the TV, im not done yet!

“Whatever man. Booooring. Lets talk about that another time, okay? I had a hard day.”

No you did not, i was there you know.

“Whatever man.”, Jack responded to me. Wait, why am i narrating this? Sigh.

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Rockready 7 – Attack

A loud, piercing sound halled through the ship. Kenta was just sitting in his cabinet, writing on his list of things that he wanted to do when they finally arrived on the colony planet, as he was startled by it. He bobed his head up and looked around. He wasnt able to see anything, but he heard the piercing sound. ‘Propably the sirens’, he thought while getting up and running to the door. ‘I wonder what happened?!’.

As he looked out of his cabinet onto the hallway there were no people, as usual. Additional to that sound of the sirens he was also able to hear other sounds. Loud, rumbling noises, like the breaking of metal, echoed from deep inside the ship. Kenta, already suspecting that there must be something wrong with the ship, quickly grabbed a little bag from his cabinet and ran out onto the main hallway that connected the various part of the ship. Panicking people ran by him. One of them bumped into him. “Oi!”, Kenta shouted out, but the other person had already continued to run while not even looking back to him. Kenta gathered himself and walked over to the windows.

And there he saw it. The ship was under attack. He couldnt exactly make out from the small window he was standing infront of who attacked them, but various parts of the colony ship were burning. Smaller metal parts were floating through space in the near distance. ‘Got to go to the rescue capsules!’, Kenta thought to himself while he started to run towards the hangar deck.

On his way there he saw the destruction of the attack in its full extent. Besides the fires, that had spread throughout the whole ship by now, he saw the most cruelest things that he had not seen before. People were running around panicking – some of them were just bleeding, others were robbing on the floor with broken bones and other, more serious injuries. Some others werent so ‘lucky’ – they had already died and their bodies were lying on the floor.

But he had no time to help or take care of any of them. Firstly he had to rescue himself. For that he only had to think of getting to the hangar deck. Frantically he runned through the halls, searching for a path to his destination. Shortly before the deck he saw some people in the dinstance standing in the middle of the floor. At first he thought that they were part of the ship’s crew, waiting there to help peopleto escape. But as he got near he noticed that they were carrying weapons. He quickly jumped behind a nearby burning supply box. Quietly he cowered behind it, hoping that they wouldnt notice him as they walked by. “Its just a supply ship or something like that”, one of them said. “This is so not worth it. Those people here dont have anything that would be worth taking with us.” Another one of them responded to him. “Captain’s orders. Take what seems good enough.” “Guess we dont have much of a choice.”, he sighed angrily. In the distance another person of the settlers ran towards the entrance of deck. As he came closer one of the armed people slowly raised a gun and shot at him. The person sank to the ground while screaming loudly. “So boring!”, the gunner shouted while all of them continued to walk along the hall. Kenta waited until they were far enough away. He quickly made his way to the entrance of the hangar deck.

As he arrived there he opened his eyes in horror, being horrified by that what he saw. Dead bodies were lying around all over the floor. Some of them were still quietly making sounds. Blood was splattered on the walls. Some of the bodies were mutilated to extente where he wasnt even able to recognize them as human beings anymore. Some of them were missing various parts of their bodies. He looked around in horror as he was frozen in place. The smell of fresh blood and burned flesh filled his lungs. A feeling of sickness and fear rised up in him. His hands began to shake. ‘W-What is this? What happened here?!’, he thought to himself while his legs struggled to continue to stand up.

After a while he regained a bit of his contenance. He had no time to mourn for the dying and dead. He had to save himself if he didnt want to join them right here. He slowly walked over the bodies while mumbling to himself encouraging words to not look down. His goal was the back of the hangar deck, the area where he was instructed to go to get to the escape pods.

Hopefully he could escape this ship with them before it was too late.

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Flash fiction: Like a bird

“I wish something exciting would happen in my life.” Lea sighed. Too long she was already sitting here in her room that was way too quiet. “Why cant anything just happen?”, she said while looking out the single window of the room. It was a small one that only contained a bed, a chair and a desk. On the desk was nothing but a piece of paper, a pen and a plastic knife. “Mother told me i would be living a good life, but did she mean something like that?”. She stood up and walked out of the room, over some stairs to a room on a lower level of the house. It smelled like dust and beer. A quiet ticking sound was to heard from closeby. “Seems like shes still at work huh”, Lea mumbled to herself while moving towards the living room. It had a large glass wall on one side that allowed her to look outside. A huge hill was to be seen through it, towering above everything else. “If I could just go outside, conquer that mountain and be free…”. She sat down infront of the glass wall while starring in the direction of the mountain. “Be free… like a bird.”

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Back once again!

Hey guys,

I hope you are all doing well 🙂

I had a few wonderful days with my girlfriend in Erfurt. It was a fantastic and important time. I did … things before that, you know. Because of that this week with her was so important to figure things out. And I believe we did. In a positive way 🙂

And now I’m back again to post stories and stuff. I’ll probably start with a story soon that I clarify as horror in the tags – I’m pretty sure though that this is more comedy then horror. I still got to write a few more posts for that though. It’s a experiment and stuff.

I also want to try some other stuff that saw on the internet. Got to always try new stuff, right?

I’m also feeling a bit more motivated about life right now. Things seem to be so much clearer. There are reasons for that, obviously, but I still need a bit of time to figure myself out. I may or may not write about that in the future. We will see.

Have a nice day out there!

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Flash fiction: electrical guru

A familiar sight. Eletrical lights were flashing all around him. Machines were buzzing, doing the work that they were made for. Robots moved around, most of them as delivery service providers. Many of them were small, but a few of them were as large as a house, carrying goods of unknown origin to a destination in the city. He pulled his hat further over down to hide his face. This place was not somewhere where he would want to recognized. Quickly he moved along the street, trying to avoid all hindrances.

After a few minutes of walking he turned into a small side-street. Darkness cloaked his way now. He pulled out a small flashlight from one of his pockets and continued to walk. The way was now filled with garbage. On the sides were cans and bags of all sizes, pilling up. They emitted a strong stench. But he didnt seem bothered by it.

As he turned into another street he finally saw his goal. He stopped as he was able to see it. It was a big plaza. In the middle of it was a tower made out of metal. Infront of it was a large plattform, seemingly present for some sort of presentation. He looked around, seemingly searching for something. The area was still littered with garbage. Metal plates and various other parts of cogs and sticks were lying around all over the place. The smell of oil and the light crackling of electricity was in the air. A street light was flickering close by him. Also not far from him was a middle-sized house. Its door was broken. He nodded and quickyl moved over into the house. He made his way to the roof it over some old and noisy metal stairs. He looked up to the tower that was clearly visible from the rooftop.

The scenery had changed. On the plattform of the plaza were many smaller figures to be seen. They seemed like humans at first, but at second sight he recognized that they were robots. A large group of them were standing infront of a single one. With a nervous expression on his face he pulled out a image and a small machine out of his pocket. He held up the machine and put it infront of his eye. Now he was able to see more clearly – the one figure infront of the group seemed like some sort of monk. The other robots, all of various sizes and forms, were just standing there, seemingly listening to the monk-robot. He turned his face to the image.

There was no doubt. He had found the electrical robot guru. The one every human was talking about. The machine that was able to unite all the other machines with the power of words. A machine with consciousness that could active others.

He continued to watch the scene on the plaza through his little machine. Nothing that would happen here tonight should be left unseen.

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Flash fiction: The dance of barter

She had him right where she wanted him. Hanging onto her lips, expecting her to say something. Anything.

“So what do you say Mrs. Gratings? What will it be? You want to sell, right? Those are some really great goods, dont get me wrong, but they really lost a lot of value recently. And overall trades become though these days you know, with all that chaos on the stocks change and so on. There are also not that many buyers out there that will really pay as much as me. I mean, I also wouldnt do that if it werent for my good relations with all those great guys out there. They will buy this stuff from ME, reluctantly for this price, sure, but they will. I can convince them.

So, tell me, cant we go just a tad lower? I mean just a little bit? Like I said, the market is though and I will have a reeeeeally hard time selling your goods. So what do you say? Do we have a deal?”.

His mouth formed a slight grin while his whole face was showing signs of being sure that he just made the deal of his lifetime. His feet began to act up nervously while he waited for an answer. Mrs. Gratings slowly looked down and thought about what he just said. With a friendly smile on her face she started to shuffle papers and tipped something on her smartphone.

“Mr. Smith.”, she finally said. “Yes?”, he answered. “Your question, I will answer it. No. I will not take your deal. Try to steal from someone else instead, Im not dumb enough for this.”

His eyes opened wide while his face turned slowly white. He tried to speak up but didnt find any words at the moment. “Now then, if you would follow these gentlemen behind you please? They will guide you back outside safely. I really need to go back to work, I wasted too much time already. I could have earned more then you have offered me there.”

And thus he ended up outside of the office without a deal.

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Possible changes of future plans

Hi guys, how are you doing?

Another great blog post from yours truly, the only me, the wheelin’, dealin’, son of a gun… basically, its me.

As you might have noticed in the past few weeks, i wrote a lot of flash fictions. Many many small ones, barely 300-400 words long. I like to do it that way because its easy to handle and its relaxing to write small stories like that. I wanted to focus on that for a while and i did so in the last few months. I also made several smaller experiments with multi-parts fictions. I believe i also called them flash fictions. I didnt know if they would work out, but the biggest of them, frogs in space, was kinda okay i guess. I would call that experiment successful.

Now, i also started a long-term story called Rockready. Its still going. After all im only at part 6. I believe havent posted part 7 yet, but expect that one in the next few days.

And now its time to change some plans for the future. You see, as much as i like to write an infinite number of small flash fictions, i feel like the daily change of focus is draining me. I still got lots of ideas, dont get me wrong. But i feel like the quality is lacking because i post too many of them too often. Because of that i want to change things up.

Recently i only made small 1-day breaks between my posts. Im going to change that a bit. I will try to post in a 2-day cycle. I expect to have more time to polish my stories through that. Posting daily is something that i really would like to do, but i just cant do that with my work all day long and my private life also being a thing i dont want to miss. A good post every 2 days seems like a nice compromise there.

Because of that i also will get a better chance to write longer stories. I like those a lot from a personal standpoint. They let me focus on a specific story for longer, which is more fun to do sometimes. I still will post flash fictions, but i dont know how often. Sometimes i may even write a normal blog post like this too. Im a human with problems, so i should share them with you guys. It may or may not help you. Im a pessimist by heart that aspires to be an optimist, so theres something to go on about. Always.

And it goes without saying, i will continue my Rockready story. Theres a lot to come there too. One of the only stories i actually got notes for. Weird, huh?

Another thing that i need to get out there. Thanks for your likes and views guys! It really motivates me to know that you guys actually want to read that what i put out there 🙂

One last thing – im going on vacation next week. I may or may not post stuff then, but dont expect anything from the ~12.2. to the 18.2.. Ill be visiting my girlfriend again and just like in the past i really want to take those few days and get my mind of things.

And thus, with those last words…

Have a good time out there!