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People with ideals

Ideals are the things that often motivate us to do things. They are the reason why we do a lot of the things that we are doing in our daily lifes and how we react to others and their actions. Everyone got atleast a few of them. But some people out there cherish them a lot more then others. Those are the people that are called idealistic. A definition about them on the internet is something like this:

“a person who cherishes or pursues high or noble principles, purposes, goals, etc. aperson who represents things as they might or should be rather than as they are: My friend is an idealist, who somehow thinks that we always agree. a writer or artist who treats subjects imaginatively.”


So idealistic people, or short idealists, are people that are pursuing certain principles, goals or are in a specific mindset. Being a vegan for example requires the compliance of certain principles, like not eating meat or not drinking milk from animals. Another example would be a person that always expects certain traits in all people that he or she is meeting out there. That person would be an idealist too – he/she would have the ideal that all people got that specific trait.

You might say now that this is a good thing. I tend to agree a lot of times. Ideals can drive people to do great things. To achieve specfic goals. The ideals of certain researchers of human history to go into detail and be accurate with their measurements led us to what we are these days. But ideals are a two-edged sword.

As many positive things that can stem from them, there are also a lot of negatives. Idealistic people can be narrow minded – they tend to lose sight of many other things while they follow their principles. I personally know someone like that, so let me tell you about this person right now to explain to you what i mean.

The person that i mean is usually a rather nice guy. Hes polite, hes not cursing and he got a family with 2 kids at home. All in all he seems like an average man. But when it comes to his work and being accurate at work and actually creating a complete concept before doing things hes one of the most idealistic people i have ever met. Its like he is switching from normal mode to a idealistic mode where he gets a lot more unfriendly. He tends to get loud too. He also wont allow any other opinion regarding the subject at hand as long as it isnt remotely close to his own opinion. Hes also not compromising when he is like that. He is strictly following his own principles. Even when customers tell him that they want to do it differently, he cant. Our customers tend to not fully analyze everything before they come to us to develop something. He will bring it up at every chance that he gets so that the customer is forced to analyze and to create a concept. It annoys the customers, it annoys us co-workers, but he does not care. He believes that his principles are correct. Mind you, im not saying that he is neccessarly wrong with that. His principles are good. He wants to know every detail so that there wont be any errors. He doesnt want to give the customer any opportunity to blame us for anything later on. He wants to create products that are complete – complete is a rather subject term though. He wants to force the customers to ask themselves questions about what a product actually should be able to do.

Those are all great principles and goals. But in many cases, not all of them can be done. Atleast not by annoying people and trying to force them into doing things. Thats where ideals can lead people away from a normal path. A good product or certain goals to keep it more in a general sense here can still be achieved, even without any forceful behaviour. It may take a while, sure, but it can be done.

I personally am a big fan of staying calm and just explaining the situation openly and truthfully to others, e.g. customers. Let them know about your concerns. Tell them what will happen if they dont do it in a calm manner. Once. Tell them also that it is their choice. This is also a thing in normal life, not only at work – staying calm and talking and explaining things normally to people helps in all kinds of situations.

Because in the end, we usually want to relax and dont have any stressful and annoying fights with others if it isnt really neccessary, right?

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Ultimatum [5]

After the group vanished from the meeting hall everyone inside of it broke out in panic. Every single person inside of it tried to get out of the room, seemingly to escape that what just occured. Meanwhile security personal rushed inside to check on the politicians and to eliminate the threat that wasnt there anymore.

At the same time news channels worldwide got an anonymous video with the events that just occured on it. No one knows up to this day how the stations got their hand on that, but it is believed commonly that the Anils managed to take control of the computer systems through their magic.

After that, the world was shocked. No one would have ever believed that something like that was even possible. How could anyone just pop in there, on of the most secure buildings of the world? How could that ever happen?

And the more important question right now was: What will humanity do with the ultimatum that was given? And thats where I, Martin McSullivan, made my first contact with the world, its chaos and cruelties and how things are going if humans are threatened.

I was just a assistant back then in a office of a politican in Edinburgh, Scotland. Back then the country was still a part of Great Britain – politically dependent on England, sharing the same government as them. There were tension because Scotland tried to separate from England for a while now again, but all attempts were futile. There just wasnt any support for this in the population. The office i worked in was one from a politican that supported a separation. It was rather busy this day when the news of the meeting with the Anils made the news. Everyone was in shock. How do we react to that? Out boss wasnt here at that moment and we were rather helpless. Honestly, just like everyone else out there, but i didnt get to know that until a while later.

We asked ourselves aswell, how should the political leaders of humanity react to that?

We needed informations regarding the incident in Washington. But what did those strange creatures mean when they said that they want to live amongst us? And can beings like that even exist with humans? Do we even have a real choice here?

We got orders that the brittish parliament actually wants every member of it to come to an urgent meeting to London. Our boss rushed out of the office like a mad man. He was nervous, i saw as much in his face. Nervous and frightened. It was propably about the brittish stance regarding the ultimatum. Britain was really dependent on the USA with their opinions back then, so it was propably more of a formal meeting – even in the face of danger humans tend to do politics. It seems unavoidable.

There was no word from the USA though when he left. The media over there was all over the place, and New York, the new seat of the president was quiet at this very moment.

I, a rather unimportant assistant, wasnt really in the middle of that all. Atleast not back then. I had nothing to do right after our boss left – he gave no order what we should work on before he left, so we just closed up for today so that everyone could regain some focus. I still now exactly to this very day what happened then. I thought about going to a bar, but decided against it – my mind was filled with so many thoughts, i just needed some quiet place to make sense of it all. So I went to the forest that wasnt all that far from the office. We had a rather small building a bit outside of town for our work place, so this wasnt really a problem.

The forest was especially quiet these days. It was also a rather rainy and dark day in Edinburgh, so there wasnt really all that much going on. I still went to the woods. I felt like i needed to.

When i got there i started walking right into it. Honestly, back then i didnt question that. I just had the urge to do so. I nearly ran. It wasnt like i was just walking slowly, deep in thoughts, i rushed into the forest. After like 20 minutes or doing so i was right in the middle of it. Nothingh except trees and other plants were around me. Thats when i heard a rustling sound being me in the bushes.

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Strange sundays

I’m so indecisive today. I could roll around all day just thinking about what I should do in general. Making decisions is just hard sometimes. And sometimes it’s also frustrating. I didn’t decide about doing sports today and ate sweet stuff instead. Woohoo. 

Let’s get fat or something instead of making great life choices.

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All grey again

Its all grey again. With that i mainly mean the weather over here right now. Its so grey, rainy and clouds all over the place.

Autumn is here it seems. It suddenly switched over to that like 2 weeks ago.I personally dont mind that, but it was kinda sudden.

I actually even like it quite a bit when the rain is pouring down and im inside, watching it through a big window. Makes me think about a lot of things. Hm…

And im getting into some sort of weird mood where i am too serious and where im also kind of tense. Not sure why though. Hm…

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It’s late and I don’t want to sleep…

… because I’m nervous. And I actually want to do things instead of lying around in bed. It’s the weekend, right? I need to do ALL the things! I need to get up a bit early though because I want to visit my parents. So it’s probably better to get to sleep. And I’m actually a bit tired too.

And while I think about what I should do I will probably close my eyes soon enough and just sleep. My body will decide instead of me. Weird stuff.

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Images of Erfurt: University

My girlfriend and I made a little trip to the university where she will be studying soon. It’s a middle-sized one I guess. This is something like the main hub for it. It was rather empty that say. After all the new semester hadn’t begun yet. Nice little touch on the last photo btw – it’s something art related to make the university more fashionable I guess.