The comeback, v4


So you still read my stuff? Damn you are persistent.

Well, you see, i did a lot of things in the last few months. I actually thought about what i should write about on my blogs for a really long time. I honestly couldnt figure out anything that would be really worthwhile. I mean, in the end i dont know if it would be worthwhile, the readers decide.

But nonetheless, im here again. Its time to take the whole blogging business seriously! Or rather, i could try and fail horribly.

In the end, all these changes for people around me gave me some weird thoughts. People are getting married, build houses and get kids. And i…well, im looking forward to playing video games every evening. Wouldnt say that this is bad, i just feel like i lost my connection to the world at some point. Thats nothing new though. Every post i wrote here was pretty much like that aswell. Oh well. Just thought to myself, why dont you try to bring some joy to other people? Since im a anti-social coward, why dont you do it via the internet? Writing stuff kinda worked at one point in the past. Lets try again. And here i am.

Be proud, be fullfilled with joy, be whatever the fuck you want – dasmurmeltier is back (again) to write stuff that he doesnt know shit about!


So, i blogged on my other blog…about parapsychology.


So, i wrote a blog post on my philsopher blog today. If you are interested in parapsychology, check it out.

The online course may be a whole lot better than everything you can possibly read in the internet about parapsychology. Its always better to get the informations right from the source. Perfect opportunity to form your own opinion about all that stuff aswell.

Oh, its a year already


So im like a whole year here on wordpress. Just got my notification for it today. Great stuff. Im blogging (well, atleast nearly) regularly these days. Most of them is propably just random junk (except for that second blog that i have, im honestly trying to be serious over there). And after all, well you know… i can see that at my subscriber-numbers. But thats fine. Less people means less opinions regarding content, yay :p

I changed quite a bit over that last year. I really did. I mean like, as a human being. I went from “i want friends and i want to be important” to “i dont care anymore, i just want to have fun”. I dont know, im satisfied these days when im actually having fun every day. I told that my father yesterday – boy that look on his face. Hes a person that worked on having a family for his whole life. My goal isnt exactly having a family; im actually thinking these days that it would be great to have kids and stuff, but im not ready for it right now.I dont want that responsibility right now and you know… i guess i still have a lot to learn before im prepared to teach a other human being the way of life.

Problem there is anyways, im not exactly every girls dream. But whatever, right? I dont want to be sad about stuff like that anymore. My life is way too good for that. I mean like, i could have fun instead. And i want to have it with as many people as possible (im not talking about sex here, just to be clear). But im also fine if im alone. I just take it how it is.

If i try to look back at who i was a year ago i kinda think sometimes “who was that?”. I cant identify myself with the person that was me a year ago. But thats just how it is sometimes, huh.

Anyways, fun. Thats the point. And thats what im going to have right now. By eating stuff. Yep. Cheese. Tons of cheese.

And well, just to post a random picture related to cheese, here you go:



crank dat stuff

Pow! The handle broke. Well, fuck.

I actually feel like the weekend never ended. But its Wednesday evening already. Damn. Time is just flying by these days. Im doing too many things that are fun, that must be why. Things that are fun…well, im actually just eating, working, sleeping and playing games. Perfect. There isnt even that much stuff that i could wrap my head around these days. Im even in a good mood (:

I must be sick. Should see a doctor soon.That isnt normal.

Wanna know what else isnt normal? This.


Radio shows these days…

Hi there.

That last post that i did today somehow didnt get through for unknown reasons, so let me try that again. Hopefully there wont be 2 posts with the same contents out there after that.

Radio shows these days, i tell you. They are not as good as they used to be. Or well, those people there just lack some sort of compassion:

>Talking about suicide and how bad it is to do something like that.

>Playing Nickelback’s “What are you waiting for” right after it.

I was pretty much just like ‘wow. They didnt notice that?’

Btw, i was pretty busy the last couple of days, will do some longer posts here and on my philosopher blog tomorrow and/or Friday (im on vacation for the rest of the week, thats why).


At dawn we ride! Atleast my bunny will, i wont.

Boy im so wasted. Again. Its like 11pm over here right now. Spent pretty much the whole evening reading threads in various forums. I can feel how this kind of stuff is draining my health. Seriously. I really do.But i cant stop.

And while im doing so, my two bunnies…erf, i brought them together yesterday and today for a hour or so. The male one wanted to fuck the female pretty much instantly. Hes like 9 weeks old now; he should NOT be doing that. The female one doesnt seem to like it (and i dont like it either since i cant afford baby bunnies). That guy needs to go to a doctor. Soon. I know that hes a lionhead bunny, but seriously, that doesnt mean that he can fuck everything that is looking like a bunny. He isnt some sort of cowboy.

Ill propably get that area were those 2 live right now a bit more seperated tomorrow. Will be easier for me to access them, because well, you know, i couldnt get them out of that place because of that. They would just go to that one place where i wouldnt be able to get if i dont wanna break my arms while doing so. That’ll mean less space for them. But idk, thats just for the next few days/weeks till they know me and i know them a bit better.

Anyways, thats about it for now. I actually wanted to do a blog post on the random philosopher blog thingy i made since i found some great stuff to write about (theres a whole bunch of stuff i want to share with all the people out there), but im just not capable of writing about such serious things this evening. Im like the eurpoean space satellite thingy that landed on that meteorite somehwere in space – my batteries are empty. And just like they did it with that machine i will propably soon activate my sleep-mode.

Beep boop. beep boop.

New studies on NDE’s and OBE’s show…nothing new. At all. Move along.

hi guys.

Im sorry about that, but today i’ll write about another highly scientific thing.

Basically, its about this:

If you dont wanna read it yourself, let me provide you a tldr version:

a group of researchers did a large-scale experiment where they did test cardiac arrest patients for near-death experiences(NDE) and out of body experiences(OBE). They did it in several hospitals in europa and america.

Well and they actually wanted to test something else too. They wanted to know if people that are actually experiencing a OBE could read a imagine that they put on the ceiling of the room where they wanted to put the patients. They made it the way that those patients did not know about those images – they could only see them when they where actually out of their body.

Well, results?

At first sight they’re basically pretty bad for the cause of OBE’s being real: Not a single patient could see the image at the ceiling. Well, how could that be? Materialists and all kinds of Atheists will say at that point that OBE’s are illusions of the brain, the results are not surprising because well, illusions cant fly out of your body.

But what did i tell you guys in some of my blog posts? You know, the stuff that most of you are usually skipping because its boring as fuck?

Be sceptical.

And thats what you actually need to be here too.

If you actually read the result text (shortform of it, its not the whole paper of the study) it goes like this:

“Among 2060 CA events, 140 survivors completed stage 1 interviews, while 101 of 140 patients completed stage 2 interviews. 46% had memories with 7 major cognitive themes: fear; animals/plants; bright light; violence/persecution; deja-vu; family; recalling events post-CA and 9% had NDEs, while 2% described awareness with explicit recall of ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ actual events related to their resuscitation. One had a verifiable period of conscious awareness during which time cerebral function was not expected.”

So, firstly you might wanna know that a lot of those 2060 actually died. So surely they cant describe aything at all anymore.

The others are pretty much that what you get when you are researching NDE’s. People experience things when they have a NDE, that was already known. And most people are experiencing similar things.

Well, if you read the text, theres nothing about these image-thingies, right? Does that mean they didnt research that? Nope, they did.

Of all those NDE-people 2 actually had an OBE. Not that many, huh? But well, those kind of things normally dont happen too often anyways. Both of those 2 didnt see the image on the ceiling. Why you might ask? Well, as much as i read theres a simple answer for that without any phylosophical gibberish.

The rooms of those 2 people that had OBE’s didnt have a image on the ceiling. Funny fact huh? And well, as i read most of those people with a NDE didnt have a image like that on their ceiling either. Question here is: Why? Wasnt that the whole point, to research that stuff?

Idk for sure since i wasnt there, but that seems sloppy to me. And well, its rather comical that those 2 who actually had a OBE didnt have a image in their room.

What does that actually mean then?

Well, despite a lot of newspapers claiming that the study found evidence for an afterlife: Nope, it did not. But at the same time, the study isnt evidence for the opposite either. It just doesnt tell us anything at all. The whole NDE stuff isnt new at all. We already knew that people could experience those things from other studies. And right, there was one really weird case in that study where a person actually was consciousness during a time where it was clinically not possible. This seems to be rather important for a lot of dualistic thinking people. But well, i already read that some people claim that that could be explained by the brain being perceptive while it is practially not working at all. I also read that this one person could also only be scientific noise and that he is just simply the result of an study error. And i also read stuff that this could also proof that the consciousness exists for atleast a few minutes after death – but it could still vanish afterwards. Well, but that stuff is just talk – pretty much the same as what im doing right here, right now. And well, from my viewpoint it wouldnt make sense to continue to be conscious for a few minutes longer after death, just to let it die after that. But thats just my own sense of logic.

Anyways, the conclusion of the research team is pretty much the same:

“CA survivors commonly experience a broad range of cognitive themes, with 2% exhibiting full awareness. This supports other recent studies that have indicated consciousness may be present despite clinically undetectable consciousness. This together with fearful experiences may contribute to PTSD and other cognitive deficits post CA.”

Btw, there’s also that weidly spread opinion that these experiences of those people are subjective; thus, they cant be taken seriously. But well, thats pretty much the case for everything that humans experience, right? We cant abandon our humanity to look at things objectively.

Well anyways, do what you want with that info(if you dont believe it, google a bit. quite a lot of people wrote about that), but dont let anyone tell you that this study proofs anything. It doesnt. Its not telling us anything new about NDE’s. Sure, the one case where a specific person was conscious during a phase where he normally should have been is quite interesting, but that one case isnt enough to draw any conclusions.

Im just sitting here…

…and they taaalk to meee.

Na, they dont. The people i mean. There’s no one around right now. And you know what? Im fine with that. And well, that statement is not totally true anyways. I was at the grocery store this morning (its called edeka in germany). And i also had to register as a new resident in that village i moved in to. I obviously had to talk there. But right now im done with that. Yep. And im sitting in my chair in front of my computer, playing games, listening to music, having a good time. The alcohol and the girls are missing though. But well, im a bearded fat nerd, guess i wont get the girls anytime soon. But alcohol, maybe. And you know what? Im perfectly fine with that. For now. A bit. I mean, it could be worse, right? :>

Hi. Again. Again.

Hi there,

sorry for the delay of like a few months, i had a lot going on in the last weeks and was busy.

With what you may ask?

Well, i pretty much finished my master exam now. I also had a girlfriend in that time. She already left me again though. Stuff happened. A lot of it.

I also had to prepare to move to a new home. I was living in a apartment for high school studentes till now; since im finishing my exam i cant stay there anymore. Gotta move to a place somewhere else. I dont mind though. Something new is always good. Especially now. Why? Well, i got a lot of stuff going on these days, that may be true. But i still fell so amazingly alone and bored despite that. Propably because this is the time where i notice that all other ppl around me are always on the move. Im going to have new friends, i’ll forget about the old ones (wait…my old friends? I didnt have any. Oh well. Silly me.). Everything keeps moving. It just lets you fell kinda uncomfortable. Plus it lets you think about a lot of stuff like: What is life? What am i? Am i doing the right things? What should i eat tomorrow? Are bunnies little ppl with long ears? Stuff like that.

Anyways, i dont know what to expect in the future. Hopefully it’ll all work out. Somehow.

Why would you do that, tracker bro?!

Really? REALLY?

Why would you program your tracker to detect multitouch finger blobs the way that it is detecting black dots on a white background? WHY?

Every single other shitty app is doing it the other way around. WHY?! God damn. Took me the whole afternoon to actually notice that. Damn you opencv. Damn you. Idk if its your fault opencv, but i blame you anyways. I couldnt waste my afternoon with dark souls 2 because of that. Im going to roll up in a corner now and cry. Snief.