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The worries of a person that thinks too much

Its a common thing, atleast for me, i tell you. I think a lot about many things, i wrote so before many times. And i worry a lot aswell.

I got my parents, a sister, my girlfriend and my pets – so theres a lot to worry about. My own life though – naaa. I dont really worry about that. Im not really all that self-centered. Atleast thats what i want to believe while im thinking that im propably one of the most self-centered people ever.

Not the topic i want to write about right now though. So, i worry a lot. And with my girlfriend its always something like ‘hmmm, i wrote something to her and shes not responding for an hour or two now. Maybe something bad happened? Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod…’. And so on. You get the idea. And then i start to worry like hell. I think about how i should act right now and if really something could have happened to her. I think about if i should write her once more. I usually do that. A few times.

Aaaand then the whole thing goes to shit town. If it wasnt already there before that. I wrote her a few times by then. When she actually looks on her phone later on shes usually pissed. I annoy her a lot with my constants worry-messages where i ask if everything is fine with her. Sometimes i also try to start some meaningless small talk because of the very same reason. Im not really a person that likes small talk to begin with, so i dont really know how to do that properly. And its kinda noticable that i just do it so that she responds to me so that i know that shes fine.

Thats pretty much where i am right now at this very moment. I wrote something dumb and shes not answering. I expect her to be mad at me for that and i worry about her because shes not responding. Hmmmm…

I propably wrote a lot of nonsensical stuff right now. My brain is kinda whacky and im not sure if the sentences and words that im writing are actually making any sense. Propably not. But i thought that i should write it down somewhere. For reasons. I dont know. I just sometimes do things that im not supposed to do. Im sorry for bothering you guys with this. And im especially sorry for bothering my girlfriend with that too quite so often.

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Elections in germany – a rant

On the 24.9.2017 there is a huge election going on in germany. Its called the ‘Bundestagswahl’. There are poster about it everywhere, there are so many tv shows about it that i lost count a while ago and there are seemingly only news about this very thing out there. Its hard to read or hear about something else these days.

But its not really a interesting election this time. It wasnt interesting last time either. Im 90% sure that i already know who will win and who will become the new chancellor of germany.

Guess who. Yep, you propably already know. The one who got that position already right now. Its not that hard to come to that conclusion. Polls suggest that she and her party will be at like 40% of the votes. The next party, the SPD, is around 24%. It will be nearly impossible for them to compete. There are propably 4 smaller parties that they could do stuff with. FDP, die Grünen, die Linken and the AFD.

Let me write a sentence or two on all of those.

The FDP is something like the party for the bigger entrepreneurs out there. Or rich people. Or someone who likes privatizing stuff. I never really was a fan of them, but there are people out there that like to make even more money and give even less to the people that actually still need it.

Die Grünen are the environment, foreigner-friendly party that seemingly wants to fight for human right, protecting the environment and basically doing everything a lot better then now. I like their goals, really. Im all for protecting the environment or being friendly to migrants or whatever. People should live happily together and welcome others that had to flee from somewhere else into our society. But this party is a lot of smoke and mirrors. They really are. They rarely deliver. They are actually the biggest party in the area where im living and they are not doing that what they are telling everyone what they would do if they were in charge on a higher level.

Die Linken are the most popular left-wing party in germany. They are the successors to the SED, the former ruling party in the DDR. Many people in germany think bad about them because of that. Thats propably wise too – they are to be taken with caution.

The AFD is something that i hate with all that i have. They are the right-wing party in this election. I despise right-wing populism from the bottom of my heart and i refuse to write another word about people with beliefs like that.

And there are the 2 larger parties. The CDU and the SPD. They were ruling up until now. They will maybe do it again. Although the SPD kinda noticed that they dont really get much out of working with the CDU. They lost a lot of followers because of it and are struggling to be really relevant these days.

It will propably be a coalition of the CDU and the FDP that will win this election. They will do just the same as the current government – not really all that much. I mean, if i were to believe everything the media is telling me then the economy is thriving and everything is so good. Truth is though that normal people dont really get all that much out of the good economy. The money stays in the upper circles of our society. This election wont change that. Im not sure if any of those parties would change that, granted they would be in charge then.