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Destiny 2: Shooter RPG

I usually dont do those kind of video game posts, but i wanted to try something new aaaand here we go 🙂

So i had the chance to play Destiny 2 those past few days. In my opinion its a great game. I couldnt play all that much from the game though – im new to the Destiny-Games and additionally to that you could only play the Intro, a PvE mission and 2 PvP maps.

The PvE mission was kinda fun, although there was a douche in my team that just did all by himself. I just ran through most parts of the map. Didnt really shoot all that much until we faced the final boss. It was a big robo dude that shot all sorts of lasers. I died way too often, but it was really fun. I enjoyed that a lot. Im not sure though how this would feel if you are farming dungeons and so on like every week or so.

I also tried the PvP maps. One map is a capture-point map with 3 points. You have to capture 2 of them to get points. The enemy can recapture them. Its a lot of fun. You actually use your PvE gear there i believe, so im not sure how this will feel later on when the game is released. But it was fun to run around and do things with a revolver. I believe that there is some sort of aim assistance active on PC. Or there a really large hitboxes. I dont know. It was rather easy to hit people.

The 2nd map was a bomb map where you have to place a bomb as one team or defend the spot on the other team. There wasnt much of a queue there since most people didnt seem to like this one, so i didnt get to play with a full team there. But it seemed fun to me.

There was also the Intro part which gave me first insights into the story. I dont know the story of Destiny 1, so im not all that familiar with everything, but the cinematics look nice.

By the way, i chose the Titan for my PvP matches and the Huner for the PvE part. I also tried the Warlock, but this isnt really my thing. I didnt try all subclasses though – there are classes and every class got several subclasses to choose from. They seem to be actually quite different from each other, so thats a plus.

Im looking forward to this one. Seems like a fun game 🙂

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The dream daddy game

Yep. That really is a thing. Found on reddit (

What were the intentions of the developers creating this masterpiece? Did they like their fathers that much?

I mean, i get the humor behind it. I kinda do. A tiny bit. Who am i talking to here, i dont really get it. I have seen my fair share of weird stuff and this is certainly not the worst out there, but it is still really REALLY weird.

It gets even more weird since it was the number 1 on the top seller list on steam for a while (propably still is). So its really not like no one is playing this at all. Im conflicted here. Humans are weird.

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My mind is spinning…in circles! And with stereo sound!


So, i got a question today. Nothing serious, dont worry, its just about games. You know, that stuff that you do in your free time when you got nothing else to do or when you are a friendless scrub like me. So…

Archeage or League of Legends?

On the risk that i sound like a big fucking retard, but aahm…

I cant decide. But i want to 😦 I just wanna do one thing. I dont want to change the things i play every damn time. But but but… waaaaawwadfsdfas! Im just so bored of Archeage and MMO’s in general, i wanna change something. I never played LoL seriously before, i might try that. Or not.

No seriously, i dont know. Any opinions on that? I know that both are games that are not even CLOSE to be comparable, but FUCK THAT. Gimme dat comparison.

Guess i gotta decide on a latter date on that one.

Anyways, did other stuff happen around here? Yup, it did. Or well, it didnt. BUT because it didnt it did. Do you guys remember that blog post about that girl i wrote with just recently (like ~1 week ago)? Yeah. That one. She fucking stopped writing with me the day i posted that one. THE IRONY. OH MY GOD. Im always so confused by that. Why? BECAUSE THAT GIRL CANT EVEN TELL ME THAT SHE DOESNT WANT TO WRITE. Its like when you go up to a person, say hi and everything and get into a conversation, just to pull your pants down and run away while swinging your penis in circles. JUST LIKE THAT.

But, im not mad. I mean, im a sophisticated person, right?…

Fuck that. I was mad as fuck. I always am when stuff like that happens. Why? Because im believing in people. But well, thats propably the one thing you learn first in life: Dont believe in people. But i still do. Damn.

And soo, im (still!) that lonely guy, sitting in his appartment. Im right on my way to becoming a hermit! I mean, im growing a beard (and its getting freaking long these days…), it wont take forever to make that one white, im living alone, im not doing stuff with people, im thinking about life… Dude, im not becoming a hermit, im already one! I should start a church or something. I’ll call it: The church of bearded nerds. Those people wont get together somewhere to pray to god, no – it wont be connected to those sort of things. I mean, pray to your god, i dont care! The church of the nerds wont interfere with that kind of business! We will teach a way of LIFE there. Do you wanna grow a beard that you can use as a towel (even if you are girl, it doesnt matter)? Do you wanna have no sex EVER? Do you wanna be scared of everything that actually got more than 2 dimensions? Do you wanna look ugly and still feel good about it? Well, i got just the solution for you. So, first step. Look at that featured picture. LOOK AT IT. What do you think while doing so?

NO. Everything else except ‘oh my gawd, that shit is so funny, omfg rofl lololol’ accepted. And if you can name that person right there too, dude, you are already half way there on your way to becoming a nerd. Because nothing else screams more nerd than watching half-naked people in spandex that are acting like they would beat each other up. NOTHING.

And so, dear sir’s and ladies… Praise the sun!

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The tf2 videos are strong with this one

Beep boop guys. Beep boop.

Idk, i felt like writing that again. It really reminds me so much of team fortress 2. And the awesome videos that are made with the models of that game.

Examples? Hue. Sure thing bro.

Texas Style

I wonder which song the creator took as base for that (wink wink). :3 Btw, props to TheEngiGuy for creating something good.

Something else? Alright.

Like a spy

That one (It’s made by… idk, i guess he’s called STBlackST) covers a parody out there that is pretty popular in the interwebs. You propably know it too. You dont? Use your youtubesearchbar. Do it.

Aaaand there are tons more of these. I used to watch those every day. Its really amazing what people are able to create if they put their mind to it.

I mean, right, you are getting a bit numb in your skull if you are watching that stuff too often, but that isnt necessarily a bad thing. It got its advantages. You can watch a whole season of my little pony without getting a headache! Aint that amazing? 😀 And that my children is how bronies were created.

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Hyping the hype: Dragon Age 3

So, hi guys.

Im pretty much hyping another game now. You know, i already did that with Wildstar. That game is still awesome btw. It’ll release at the 3rd June if im not mistaken. But i already wrote about that.

Today i wanna hype the game im a pretty bad fanboy of. Have you ever heard of Dragon Age? You know, that RPG. If you dont know that, heres some explanation for you:

Dragon Age is a RPG-Game-Series where you are playing some sort of douche, rescuing the world from the dark spawn. You are not doing this alone though. A group of ppl are trying to help you. It’s propably more a strategy-group-thing than a single-player-rpg.

There are 2 parts of that series out yet. I already enjoyed both of them. But lets not talk about my opinion of these games, since i personally get a nerdgasm if i play them.

The public opinion about the first game was pretty decent. Everyone said its a good game, the story is good too and its neat how you can bond with those guys that are traveling with you in your party. Just like in other games from the same developer (->Mass Effect).

The second game…well… Guess a lot of people did not like it. Why? Hell if i know that. It was different from the first one though. It wasnt the same strategy thing as the first game. It was more action-based. The function to pause the game isnt as important as it was in the first game and stuff like that. The animations are also kinda exaggerated aaaaand so on. Stuff like that.
Also, there was a mayor flaw in the marketing strategy for that game. There was a demo out there for it, just like for a lot of other games out there. They pretty much chose the WORST level of the whole game as a demonstration. It looked like a grey tunnel of fuck. Most people just told that tale pretty much like that to everyone out there. Thus the bad opinion about it. Cant agree though. There was more to that game than just one level. It wasnt the same as the first game of the series, but still enjoyable. But well, w/e.

Aaaanyways, there is a third part coming at the 9.10.2014. Mark that in your calendar. That new part in the series will be great. The developers took a lot of the wrongs they did before, shoved them down these throats and smacked some shit. It’s pretty decent, based on that what you can see in those trailers and game convention videos. I really would like to give you the links for them, but sadly those gameplay videos are leaked and i dont want to be in trouble for posting them.

So, look the game up. It surely is interesting. If you dont think so, suck my balls.

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Wildstar: Preorder available

Hi guys.

Preordner is available since yesterday for this awesome game. You should be able to do that on the official website (  or at amazon (or gamestop i guess). Normal version costs  ~45€ (Idk how much that is in $) and about ~60€ for the deluxe version. There was also a digital deluxe version, but im pretty sure that they’re all sold out since a few hours.

So, if you are intersted, go and buy some.

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Regarding Wildstar beta weekends

Hey.Let me get straight to the point this time:

Wildstar. Yeah, again. You know, there were like beta phases till now. Like in every other MMO out there. You propably know that, do you?

Well, let me tell you something regarding that in case you dont know already.

There will be more beta weekends to test the game. Even free-for-all weekends. In the future at some point as much as i know.

And there is also another deal: You can pre-order the game next wednesday. Everyone that is doing so will be able to participate in the upcoming beta weekends. All of them. My understanding is that there will be pretty much every weekend till the end of may some sort of beta though. So, throw some money out there. Yaay!

Got i hate those sunny days. I really do.


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Wildstar: Release date announced!

Well hello there.

I got a small announcement to make.

You propably read about that post from me, that wildstar stuff, right? Well if you didnt, do it now. Go on. DO IT. I mean, i dont wanna put pressure on you, but well…

Anyways, the developer announced the release date today. As you might know, im quite excited for that game and i was really looking forward to it. I still do. Thats why im happy about that stuff today.

Release will be at the 3.6.2014. It’s a european formated date. I dont care about the american way of dating things, it always seemed weird to me, so you gotta deal with that now.

Pre-Order will be possible next week Wednesday. So get some cash going guys and throw it at the guys at Carbine.

For all the people out there who actually wanna read the original news, here’s the link to it:

Btw, i did not forget about my series about the content of the game. I’ll go on with that tomorrow or so. I mean, i got like 2,5 months to show you guys all of that, that should be enough.

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Upcoming MMO: Wildstar – general knowledge

Aaaaaand hello there.

Again. As i mentioned yesterday, im going to write about some stuff concerning Wildstar. If you did not read that post i made there: It’s a new MMO that is going to be released soon.

Let me start with some general knowledge about the game. Just right after i stated the following thing though: Im expecting a lot of this game and im totally exicted for it. Im basing most of my opinions on actual ingame experience (that you can actually watch on several streams and videos i will link here). I’ll try to state some pro’s and con’s too. A lot of people got a lot of opinions. Especially in the internet.

So, after saying that, lets get to it.

The whole game is based in a sci-fi setting. You know, space ships, a lot of stuff is going on with a bunch of different races. A big ass empire is trying to conquer the universe. Stuff like that. Propably nothing too special here. There are other mmo’s like SWTOR out there that have a similiar setting (yeah, i know that game sucked).In SWTOR there were a good and a bad side, fighting over planets and stuff. It’s the same in Wildstar. There are the Exile (The good guys) and the Dominion (The bad ones). Just like in the widely known genre king WoW there are several races playable on each side.

The Exile’s got the humans, the Aurin, the Granok and the Mordesh.

The Dominion is getting to it with the Cassians(->humans), Draken, Chuas and the Mechari.

Further information on all the races is stated right here, im too lazy to go in detail about them: Wildstar races

According to some statistics on watchwildstar the Aurin and the Cassians are the most popular, followed by the Chua and surprisingly the Mordesh. Well, why is that so surprising to me? These guys are some sort of zombie-rotten-flesh kind of thing. I personally dislike stuff like that. Guess a lot of other people really differ in their opinion there.If you are too lazy to google a picture of them, there you go:

mordesh-groupNow that i look at that pic, they could be technically modified elfes. But idk.

Anyways, lets get going. There are 6 different classes out there that are playable:

1. Stalker
2. Medic
3. Engineer
4. Esper
5. Spellslinger
6. Warrior

Each of those classes can be used in 2 different roles. What does that mean? Well – the Esper for example is a light armor class. It can be played as a damage dealer (it’s some sort of burst class) and as a healer. That totally depends on your stats and the skills that you choose.

What brings me to another important point. There are only 8 skills on the bar. Yeah. 8. If you already know that kind of system from Guild Wars 2 you got shitload of advantages. WoW players need to rethink here. You got a pool from like 30 skills to choose from to put 8 of them in your skillbar. And use them. I guess you actually have to think about what you need and what not. Im actually really fond of that.
Picture for reference (for informed guys out there, its the new wildstar ui like it is shown on the official website):

Im propably going to talk about the pve, pvp and the classes in some posts later on this and next week. There is also some basic stuff still missing, like the path system (thats actually interesting though). Whats also important (but the text right here is already long enough <.<) is the fighting system; highly dynamic stuff. But im going to talk about that in my next post.

Agenda should be like that:

1. general knowledge (that post right here)
2. fighting system/path system
3. pve content (that could take some time…)
4. pvp conent (oh well…)
5. classes and so on in detail

Until then, have some fun. And watch some streams and vids if you are interested: