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Blog writing challenge day 15: Three pet peeves

Oh i got a few of those, this shouldne be a problem.

First one that already-

aaand it didnt save last time i wrote this. Fucking hell. This was like 2 weeks ago too. I dont even remember what i wrote back then 😦 Oh hell, here i go again then. Pet peeves are always there, its not like i wouldnt be able to remember.

So, first pet peeve: I tend to be over cautious of closing doors or checking that all windows are closed and stuff like that. I check like 3-4 times sometimes. When im im thought this is even worse. Im not really sure why i do it (maybe i dont trust my own eyes? 😀 ) but its really annoying for others. And myself too of course. It isnt all that bad these days and im trying to get rid of this pet peeve, but things are never as easy as that.

So, second pet peeve: I dont like events that are totally unplanned. I like it when theres some sort of plan out there. Dont get me wrong, i dont have anything against impromptu stuff. Not really. I do things impulsively myself a lot. But if theres some sort of large event, like a music festival i want to go to or some sort of party or family meeting i want to have some sort of plan. What i want to do there, when i go there, when i leave. I usually also think of some sort of escape plan beforehand. This can be really annoying for others that go to those events with me.

Third and last pet peeve: I dont like large groups of people. I can live with them, but i dont want to be in such a group if i can get around it somehow. Why is that? Well, when theres a lot of people then there is a lot of noise. I usually like quiet places where i can decide for myself if there should be noise. Additionally to that when there are tons of people everyone wants to talk. Im not good at small talk. And just standing there, noding, smiling – meh. Its boring to me. So i usually just want to not get in those kind of situations at all.



Thats just me :)

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