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Blog writing challenge day 14: Your life in 7 years

My life in general is a really flexible thing these days. I never thought that it would be like that and im not really all that uncomfortable with it, but let grandpa here tell you the story of his life. Atleast parts of it.

Im actually – or rather, i was – a person that liked constant things. I never wanted things to change like a year or two ago. Change seemed so difficult and annoying. I was kinda fine with were i was and i thought i could just add things like a girlfriend and friends to my life just like that and nothing else would change. But i lived like a loner – and if you live like that you cant just put things like other people in your life without change. It took me a while to realize that. If it got even just a little bit serious in any kind of relationship to other people, may it be friendship or even with girls on a romantic level, i was running away at some point. Because i thought this wouldnt work. And honestly, it wouldnt have worked. Never.

Why? Because i actually never wanted to change my own life. And like i wrote above, this cant work if you are a loner and also live like that. So this time i changed when i met the girl that is now my girlfriend. I believe today that she had a really huge part in my change that i had until now. She made me realize that i need to change to keep her. And i kinda did. I still do. This is an ongoing process. And i believe that this change was neccessary anyways. I wouldnt have survived for years to come in the state i was back then (and i still am in right now).

Why?² Because you actually need social interaction to survive. Humans work like that.

But i went off topic.My life in 7 years. I hope for a cool appartment in a nice area were i live together with my girlfriend. I also would like a steady and enganging job. I also really like kids and wouldnt be against having one or two myself. This is not a choice i can do alone though. Naturally. I cant decide alone anymore how my future should look like. And i dont want to anymore. But i can say what i would like to happen – after that the people close to me and myself will discuss what will actually happen. Thats how it is supposed to be, right? 🙂



Thats just me :)

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