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Blog writing challenge day 12: Two words/phrases that make you laugh

So the challenge for today is a hard for me. Im usually not a person that laughs much. Im a serious guy – i like my share of fun, surely, but i dont really joke around all that much. not in the usual sense though. I like black humor or insulting stuff. Atleast sometimes. I know, im a horrible human being. Back to topic though!

Two words or phrases that make you laugh…hm…

Im not sure i know of any phrases or words that really make me laugh. I know a few good ones though. Maybe those will suffice. There is no one judging me here if i bend the rules a bit, right? RIGHT?…


The first one is the typical english “you know”. People seem to use it a lot. Atleast some people with english/american origins. Im not exactly sure where this is coming from, but its a weird phrase to use in my opinion. Its not really telling you anything, but its still there and seems like it does something for you. I sometimes use it too, just to fuck around. In german we got something similar – ‘verstehst du?’ or ‘weißte?’ or ‘was?’. All of them basically mean the same as you know.

The other one…ehm…

If i have to name something, its the use of the words fuck and fucking in the english language. I find that to be hilarious. Some people use those words in every context. This implies some sort of aggressive or fuckery mood (hah!). Or atleast it does for me. Those people propably use it just because they learned it that way or because it is cool or something. Im not really sure. Im really not. The use of those words is also common in germany, sure – but its really not as common as in english speaking countries, even if you count in the german equivalent ‘verfickt’ or anything similar to that. Atleast from my pov.

So thats it. Hopefully this wasnt to obscene for anyone. Its actually really hard to find some good things to write to this topic. Who actually thinks about funny words or phrases in their free time? I usually dont. But now i did, you know. Fuck me, right?



Thats just me :)

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