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Stressful days

I wrote about how i was sick last week and how i thought it would have been because of stress, right?

Guess who’s having even more stress this week. Oh baby this is so sick. Hopefully im not going to be sick AGAIN though. I am needed. Sometimes.

It pisses me of though that i got this stress again. I dont like it, not one bit. Tedious discussions at work that seemingly take forever + some private stuff that really is concerning really has its impact on me. I really want some vacation right now. I got a free Friday this week and next week, sure, but its just one day each week. I got a few vacation days left and i saw a cool week in autumn with 2 holidays in it anyways. Maybe ill take this one and do my back to nature thing that i wanted to do for a while now. Or i build something for my pets. I havent done that in a while. I dont know guys…

Stressful days suck.



Thats just me :)

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