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Blog writing challenge day 10: A fruit you dislike and why

I really hate bell pepper. I googled it, its really a fruit. I was doubtful aswell, but the internet isnt lying, right?

But seriously, i hate that stuff. If it is somewhere in the food i dont eat it. I also get nausea from it. The taste of it just is so very weird to me.

Im not sure though why i hate it. I never had a any bad experiences with it and i wasnt really forced to eat it in the past. I actually hated cucumbers instead for a long time, but i dont mind those these days. Weird stuff. Its just one of those things that propably somehow became a thing because of some things that i experienced at some point.

But when it comes to other fruits i dont mind most of them. Im not a big fan of pineapples either, but i eat them if i have to, sure.

But except for that i cant recall any fruit i really dislike. Not at all.



Thats just me :)

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