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Blog writing challenge 9: Your feelings on ageism

Ageism is a word i did not know before. Had to google it. I didnt even know that this is a thing – to discrimate someone because of his or her age. Why would anyone do that?

My feelings on this is that no one should be discriminated because of that. Simple as that. Age is just a number you know. Sure, there are certain things that change with age – like wrinkles or other bodily features that change their appearance over time. But in general e.g. old people got a lot to share aswell. They got something that we younger folks dont have and thats the experience to know certain things or to have some realizations that we just cant have because we didnt live through certain things.

Although, there is also a side to that that shouldnt be ignored and that is that with age, as i wrote above, your bodily functions change. Things like your eyes and ears wont get necessarily better. Because of that i personally think that it is totally fine to e.g. create special tests for elderly car drivers. No one should endanger others just because of stubbornness. The abilities that are neccessary to drive a car detoriate with age, if you like it or not. Fortunately many are acceptable of that fact. No one should be discriminated because of that though. Its a huge step to accept that you just cant do the same things anymore. You can do others though, as i mentioned above, that the younger people just cant because they are lacking life experience.

In the end i dont see any room for ageism. Things change over time, sure, but one can always profit from others, doesnt matter how old the others and how old you are.



Thats just me :)

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