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A manly man

Im still a bit sick. I wrote about this like 3 days ago on Friday. Atleast i believe so. Or maybe it was Thursday? It doesnt matter.

With ‘a bit sick’ i mean like my nose is still weird and today i had a really light headache. That was weird as fuck. It wasnt really hurting me, but it still was annoying and didnt let me concentrate at all. Im lucky that my work doesnt require me to concentrate all the time, although we had a meeting today. Not with customers, just a internal one. Turned out to be fine. The real test for my health will come tomorrow. 4 hour-meeting-Tuesday, wohooo! I will be able to show everyone that im a manly man. No one will notice except me and no one will care either, but im totally manly when im going to work with a cold. So cool, right? So manly. Amaaaazing. By the way, im joking.

My co-worker did this like 2 weeks ago. Thats how i got sick. Im pretty much fine now and didnt go to work last week when i was way worse, so im able to complain here, right?

Naa, in the end i feel fine and i dont mind a cold, but i dont want my head to hurt anymore. It did that a lot recently and hopefully it will stop soon too. My people need me and stuff. Everyone seems to have problems these days and i need to be there to help. A lot of stuff is going on, especially in my girlfriend’s life.

Im not sure what i wanted to express with this post, but anyways…

I hope you guys are all healthy and well!



Thats just me :)

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