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Blog writing challenge day 8: A book you love and one you didnt

Books, really? Hmm. I dont really read that many books these days, so im not really sure about what i should answer here. The last books i read were about philosophical stuff, sooo, i dont know…

If we are talking about non-philosophical books (ill assume that here just to make it more fun to think about) i really liked the Perry Rhodan series. I read like the first 30 books of it. Maybe even the first 40. My father had them all somewhere; he was a really big fan back when he was younger. These days he isnt reading all that much anymore.

The Perry Rhodan books are as Sci-Fi as it can get – its about a man, Perry Rhodan, that becomes humanities leader as it conquers space. He is doing that with the help of other humans and beings that got special abilities, like the one guy, i believe his name was Kalkuta or something like that, that could teleport all around the place. Him and the whole group also got immortal at one point through some sort of technical devices. Pretty neat stuff. If you are into Sci-Fi you should definitely check it out!

Alright, now something that i didnt like…hmm. I usually stop reading before i finish books that dont like in the first place. But i saw some of those cheap doctor novel books recently in a shop and i got to say – i hate that stuff. Its easy, its cheap, its uncomplicated, i get that. Its fast-food romance. But i like things to be a bit more complex. I like to dive into the story and to identify with the characters of it. I cant do that when its just a superficial story that focuses and simple things. Just not my cup of tea.



Thats just me :)

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