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Sickness and personal development

So, right now im sick. The doctor told me to stay home for the rest of the week. Seems to be a cold or something similar to that. I actually shouldnt even write this right now, but you just cant lie around all day, right?

So, this gets me thinking again. I got a bit of time right now to relax. To really relax. I dont have to care about much. Girlfriend is kinda fine – i already got on her nerves yesterday so its propably best to not do it again anytime soon. This is also related to the other thoughts i have though. You see, i get on her nerves because i got a lot of faults and i really need to change. I wrote about that before – there are a ton of issues i have with myself. To do that i need to turn to teachings of a different kind, as i wrote in that other blog posts. But i also need to do something in my free time. I started blogging, but i do it rather rarely. Rarely in a sense that i dont do it often enough. I blog daily, but its not taking enough time of my day to keep me busy enough. Humans need to do something, otherwise they will start doing weird stuff. So, this got me thinking – what can i do to keep me busy and further my personal development?

I also got an idea for that. I want to keep on writing. I want to do that a lot more. And i could totally do that too. Why not, right? Im not as good at that as i want to be, but i can always do it. But sometimes im just not feeling it. But maybe i should write about that too then. Maybe this is the key. My writings dont have to be good or high quality, i just need to write what i fucking want. And i need to do it a lot more then i do it right now to not loose what i have right now. Its actually a bit like a therapy for me. Or it is supposed to be.

I also need to continue writing my stories on my other blog. Because im ill right now and also because i kinda lost sight of what i wanted to achieve there i got a bit slow with that there. Maybe i should start several story lines at once instead of just one at a time?

Well, there are tons of questions to be answered right now. I need to answer them myself. There is no one else that can help me with that. I need to fucking relax in life though and anything that could help is welcome.

By the way, if you got any suggestions for me, may it be to relax or something to write about, just comment this post. Would be much appreciated!



Thats just me :)

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