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Blog writing challenge Day 3: Your first love and first kiss, if separate, discuss both

Im kind of the wrong target group with that one. Im usually not talking that much about my past love life – not here online, not in real life. Im one happy camper with a great girlfriend, so why would i dwell on the past? 🙂

Aaaanyways, for the sake of it, lets answer that one too. My first love was back when i was 16. I was young, naive and full of hope that life is great thing that im capable to do amazing things. I mean, i wasnt totally wrong there, i can do great things if i really try. Not the point though, moving on. Back then i was not that different from the me right now – i was a huge nerd that was playing way too much computer games. Naturally i played a lot more back then – i was still in school and because of that i had a lot more free time. I was never the guy that would play with the other kids outside or go to parties to get drunk. I never liked that.

Sooo, back then i found out about internet chats. Back then they werent as bad as today – or atleast i kinda remember them that way. I was curious. Not exactly about women in general, i just wanted to know what this whole relationship thing was all about. I wasnt even feeling lonely back then. I didnt know that there was something that i could gain from being in a relationship. So i chatted a bit with a few girls that were living not far from me. Nothing serious, just the usual chats between teens. After a while i found a girl that liked me. I also liked her and then, after we struggled a bit with meeting someone from the internet, we met and got together. We had a relationship that lasted for ~2 years.Obviously i also had my first kiss with her.

If i look back at it now i notice that she used me a lot. As i wrote before, i was a naive young boy without any experience when it came to love. She claimed the same for her, but i dont think that this was true. In the end she left me for a better looking guy that failed school. She also failed her training – she wanted to become a baker, but she didnt stick with it after she left me. I believe right now shes working at some sort of diner. And me? I studied for 5 years as hard as i could and now im definitely in a better place then i would have ever imagined back then. Grown-up relationships are way better then teen relationship. Atleast for me. Im really in a great place in life right now and i can look back at those memories and think ‘meh’.




Thats just me :)

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