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Blog writing challenge day 2: Your earliest memory

Aaaand its about me. And I thought in my initial blog post about this challenge that I wont talk too much about myself here. Oh well, no problem 🙂 Maybe it is interesting for anyone out there. I atleast hope so!

So, my earliest memory is about me sitting in the dinning room at my parents old place like when I was 5 or 6. They used to live in a place for rent and had some really nasty landlords. I didnt like them. They were to shady. Being friendly is one thing, being friendly and trying to pull some weird shit on me or my family is something else. Im glad that my parents live somewhere else these days. Anyways, at that dinning room i was sitting on a bench, just looking out the window. I also remember that my mother was asking me something at the time and I answered in a serious tone. Im not really sure what the topic was, I imagine it wasnt anything too great. I wasnt the smartest kid around back when I was younger. Im still not smartest around yet, but atleast Im not a kid anymore.

I tend to think back to that memory as the starting point of me actually thinking about anything. I was living before that and I was happy about it, no questions asked, but I started questioning the world back then at that very moment. If you want to say it like that, this is the point where my life started to go south 😀 I was a little late with that too. Others were faster with that. But well, I always was a latecomer when it came to things like personal development.

Its also weird that I dont have any memories of my earlier childhood. You know, when I was like 2 or 3. Some people actually got some images in their heads from that time of their lifes. But i dont.



Thats just me :)

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