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Blog writing challenge day 1: 5 problems with social media

So, let’s try this writing challenge. The first day is already kinda hard for me, since im not really all that active when it comes to social media. I got a facebook account and i also read twitter occasionally and of course i use whatsapp and stuff like that, but Im not really an expert. But Im going to try anyways. Let’s see if Im going to get 5 problems together.

  1. People talk less with each other
  2. A lot of the actualy meaning of our conversations gets lost

That’s a easy one, right? Since people are actually using social media at all times, everyone is talking a lot less with each other these days. I noticed that myself when it comes to stuff like my girlfriend or people i do some stuff in my free time with. You write what you want to tell them, but a lot of the meaning of it is lost when you cant see the people acutally talking.

2. People use their smartphones and social media devices way too often

Thats also a common one i guess. Since everyone is always really really busy tiping on their smartphones many people tend to forget that there is an actual world around them that they could interact with. Sounds weird, right? Who would actually want to do that? Silly me.

4. Since you are always busy using social media you wont get any work done

Im not really sure if that is a problem. Depends on your point of view i guess. If you own a company or any kind of business it propably is a big problem for you. Workers tend to use social media all the time during work. I know that myself – at my work place it is normal to use it all the time. Of course im working in a IT department of a company – that means we pretty much have to use it sometimes to do our jobs. Have you ever tried to develop a facebook plugin without actually using facebook? No? Me neither.

I understand though that social media can be hindrance at other work places. I guess the factory worker that is controlling that nuclear reactor shouldnt chat on facebook during his job.

5. Sharing everything and anything

Thats a annoying one. I hate it myself a lot. I usually dont do it too. Sharing everything that is happening in our lifes via facebook, twitter, instagramm, tumblr, whatever is fancy to you these days. Why is that a thing? Yes sure we got the possibility to do so, but is anyone really interested if im happy now or that im fat, naked and sweaty while im chilling on my chair, writing this blog post? I believe not. I could tweet about it though. Imagine the interest. On a more serious note to that, this is also a problem when it comes to information overload. People get too many informations these days. Our brains cant comprehend all of that anymore. This cant be good for anyone and it plays a large factor when it comes to fears and worries that bother us all day long. Am I worried that Im too fat? Well, maybe sometimes. Do I need to be worried? No I dont think so. But all those 100 posts on the web and social media that are telling me too worry will shake my confidence at some point. Of course, one could say there ‘just dont look at it’. But it aint that easy for many people out there, right?



Thats just me :)

One thought on “Blog writing challenge day 1: 5 problems with social media

  1. [ Smiles ] Now, we live in an era of surveillance with CCTV cameras at almost every street corner. So, even though you did not share aspects of your life via social media, people are observing your activities nonetheless.

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