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Murmel’s first blog writing challenge

Hi guys,

so as i was writing just recently (atleast i believe i did?) i want to try a blog writing challenge in the upcoming days and weeks. Nothing too fancy, nothing too serious. Just some writing about various topics. Im just going to leave the picture with the challenge right here:


Its a rather normal one from google (Source: Its also for 30 days. There are challenges with more days out there, but i thought that im going to start a bit more slowly. I also didnt want to do a challenge where you just talk a lot about yourself, like ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Why do I do the things I do the way I do them?’. I dont know, stuff like that can be done at some point, i want to keep it a bit more fresh right now. So i chose this one. Its not totally fresh, but a bit better then most other challenges out there.

Im going to start with it in the next couple of days. Im looking forward to it and i hope you do aswell 🙂




Thats just me :)

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