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The laziness deep down inside

So, since i had a bit of free time yesterday i actually thought about doing some sports. Sports? The thing where you move your body? Why would i ever do that, right?

I rarely do anything sport related these days. I like to watch football/soccer sometimes, but even that is at a all-time low right now. I watch wrestling from time to time aswell, but im not as much of a vivid viewer as others out there. I regularly visit the wresting sub on reddit and boy i can tell you, there are others out there that define large parts of their lifes through wrestling. But i dont. Propably got to do with me not being able to invest in sports all that much.

You see, i actually did sports when i was younger. But i dont do that stuff anymore because im just way too lazy. I work 8 to 8,5 hours a day from monday to friday. After that i just lack the motivation to do anything phyisically anymore. Which is totally weird since im working a office job. I sit infront of a computer all day. After that when i come home i do the very same again. Im one of those people, yep. And im happy with it. Not the point i tried to make here though.

Sometimes on weekends i actually went jogging before. Not really that often, just once every month or something. Its a really rare event. Back when i was still single i was doing this even less.

I cant really explain why i dont do it. I just feel like theres some sort of thing inside of me that is holding me back. But who knows? Maybe one day i will overcome it. I thought the same when it came to blogging before – that i wont stick to it and that i will stop doing so after like 3 days. And at the previous 4 tries it was like that. But this time it is different. Maybe it could also be like that when it comes to sports for me?

It wouldnt be the worst thing that could happen to me in life.



Thats just me :)

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