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Motivational storytime!

Lets geta bit motivational this time! Lets talk about how we can motivate ourselves to actually get up and do things.

Before we get to that, let me tell you about my pov to that. Im not really as much of a motivated person myself. I never was. I was always one of those guys that stood in the background, waiting for things to happen, hoping that i wouldnt be part of it because i lacked the courage and the energy to get anything done. I never did sports and i never did anything unusual in my life. I tried to, like doing sports. I was in a gymnastics club and a karate dojo. Boy did i suck at those things. Im as flexible as a piece of wood, so i totally couldnt that much. Obviously this is also because i was never doing that much sports to begin with, but that is a totally different story. I also tried writing and painting several times. I mean, im trying writing right now again! This time i want to atleast stick with it for as long as possible. The situation is a bit different though. This is for several reasons that i will talk about later on.

All the studying i did to get my computer science degrees was also not because i was so invested in all that stuff. Im not as passionate as others when it comes to the depths of depths of computer tech or software development. Im also not much of hacker or tweaker.I studied computer sciences because i liked computer games. Simple as that. I never thought much about what this what i would be studying would actually mean. I learned fast though. Its not like im unhappy with my choice now, but it wasnt planed that way.

All of that tells you a lot about how unmotivated i really was in life. But im better now. And you know why? Because i actually did things. I just did them. There were obviously reasons for that. Things like that dont change for no reason at all.

One of them is that i got older. Yep, getting older helps quite a bit with that. I had some turning points in my life that could all only happen because i got older. They changed my view on certain things in life. I got a lot more appreciative of a lot of things in life through that.

And then theres the people close to me. My parents and my girlfriend really motivate me a lot to do everything better then i do right now. I always felt like i could do better when i do it for someone.

And last but not least, i also did it myself. No need to be shy there i guess. This also got nothing todo with arrogance. I always had high expectations for myself; i still do. Expectations i can never fulfill. But because of those im a person that wants to get shit done. A person that really tries if he wants to. Sadly im also a person that wants to have fast results too, but im working on that.

The important thing though is that at some point you really just need to start doing things. Yes, it is important that others support you. It is also important to have the patience to do it. But at some point you actually need to start doing it. No one can take that from you. And this is propably a constant struggle everyone in this world faces all the time. Keep that flame inside of you burning bright, to put in a poetic kind of way. Start slowly with small steps. E.g. if you want to blog, theres no need to write hundreds of pages with your first post. Small posts are fine too. Same goes for everything else. You dont always have to do a lot or everything at once. Its important though that you actuall do something related to it.

Im not sure how helpful all of that that i wrote just now really is in the end, but dont worry guys – if you keep at it things will be fun and at some point things will come naturally to you. Im sure of it!



Thats just me :)

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