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Unfulfilled expectations of yourself at work

So, yesterday i really shit the bed guys. Not literally. I was really not happy with my contribution at work.

I propably mentioned it before, but i have very high standards for myself. I expect the very best when i do things. High expectations like that can never be satisfied – it is to be expected theat they wont be fulfilled.

Even despite that though, today was just pure shit. I wanted to actually do things and work on a project so that it can move forward. For that i wanted to assume a few things. The customer will never tell us anything about those very things if we ask them, i already know that. But i didnt want to try – and that is where my mistakes lies. I should have wanted to try. My senior actually got a bit mad at that because i assumed things.

As a note on the side there, he sometimes does that too. Seems to be fine when that happens though. Double standards. Meh. But im not willing to complain about it. Let him have it his way. So i took a step back there and said ‘fine, lets ask the customer’ and stopped working on the project.

Another thing that got me really mad at myself was when i actually answered questions that werent supposed to be answered by me. This would be fine, if i wouldnt have answered complete shite. I really need to shut up my big fat mouth when other people talk about their work problems. I dont always have to be involved in everything, even if i want to take on more responsability.

Lessons learned i guess. Thats what we all do on a daily basis, right? Learning new things. Thats how it is supposed to do. We cant learn anything without those negative events happening.



Thats just me :)

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