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The flood is coming in germany

I probably already mentioned it yesterday – its a real shit show these days when it comes to the weather were i live. Its raining all the time.

Our newspapers and news portals over here in germany are talking about it a lot these days too. Example? Sure.

It is basically saying that the flood is already here when you are living in certain villages in the middle parts of germany. Shit is going down over there. Sadly this is not funny at all. I cant imagine the thoughts that are going through your mind while your house is under water and your stuff is swimming around in a brown soup of water. Propably isnt all that fun.

Im really lucky when it comes to that. Im living right underneath the roof. My appartment will propably never know what it means to be flooded. Im also living in a village that is on a hillside. So all the water is flowing down to somewhere else down in the valleys. So i dont really mind the rain myself, but its sad what happens to all those other people out there. Hopefully nothing too bad will happen to all of them.

You got to wonder though, where is the summer? On vacation? Somewhere over the rainbow? Did the summer loose a bet against the autumn or something? We propably will never know.




Thats just me :)

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