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Too many meetings in one day

Im totaaaaally looking forward to tomorrow. 6 hours of meetings.

Seriously, i hate stuff like that. I always did. If i have to do something for my money, i want to work – that means i want to do what i do best and that is developing software. Im not really all that great when it comes to meetings. Im still a bit naive when it comes to those kind of events – i sometimes promise too much that i cant deliver. The other participants sometimes try to lure you into a trap where you have to take responsability for something you cant deliver but you promised it anyways since you wanted some sort of progress. I really need to become more patient with that kind of stuff. Im not the only one though, others suffer from the same thing. Since im not that high up in the ranks i usually cant talk my way out of it though and i have to take the blame – unlike others.

Oh well, i hope ill survive. Ill let you know tomorrow. My posts will be coming a bit later then, but i will deliver. No worries.

Have a nice day everyone!



Thats just me :)

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