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I hope that she will be alright

Im a bit worried right now.

You see, today my girlfriend is undergoing an operation in the hospital. Naturally as her boyfriend im insanely nervous.

Shes not there because she got some serious illness or because she got hurt. Fortunately shes fine! But its still a operation that she wants to be done and im willing to support her with that with all my power. But still, it worries me.

I really dont like hospitals for starters. I never did. I never was there as a patient since i was born (and im really happy about it!) and i never made any bad memories in a hospital, so im not sure where exactly this is coming from. That i wouldnt be fond of hospitals, alright, i would understand that – who likes to be in a hospital anyways? But i just feel really really bad when im in one to visit someone else.

Additionally to that, im just nervous in general about a lot of things. Especially when it comes to people that i love. I want her to be alright, but i know vaguely what will happen during the operation and since i got a really lively imagination i tend to see pictures in my mind where some doctor cuts her open. Well, i mean they kinda will do that. Thats the whole point of the operation anyways – they will have to do that to fulfill the reason why they are doing a operation in the first place. But i just dont like the thought of my girlfriend being cut open. No one would like that. I just want her to be healthy and lively.

So, i really hope that she will be fine. I wonder how long i will have to wait until she says hi via smartphone. I will eagerly await her message.

Please, if you i can have a few more seconds of you time, wish her luck with her operation! Lets hope for the best.



Thats just me :)

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