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Do you love cats?

Of course you do, you are a part of the internet! Everyone here loves cats! I always wonder though, what is so fascinating about those little things? Is it the fur? The face that sometime looks like they were born the be cuddled? Am i a bit too weird right now?

After all i actually got a cat when i was like 17. My parents never wanted to have pets, but when we got our black cat back then they liked it so much. Its acutally their cat today. I couldnt keep it when i went away to study, so it became theirs. This is fine though. I got my bunnies and guinea pigs instead. They are cool too.

But right now i want to celebrate cats. Choose one of the following gifs for the reaction that you deem appropriate to this post. What is your choice?

Option A:


Option B:





Thats just me :)

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