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I dont want to do things today

So today is just one of these days. I just dont want to do anything. Its not like i feel particularly lazy. I dont. Im not exactly energized either,but i could do things if i would care enough. But i dont.

I got this quite often these days. I sometimes got all the time in the world to do what i want to do. But im not motivated at all. It just doesnt feel interesting to me to do things. I could go outside, but i really dont want to. The weather solid, so thats not the problem. I just dont see the fun in that. I could play games and thats what i did all day till now, but i do it because i dont know what i should do instead.

And later on my girlfriend is coming to visit. Im happy to see her again, thats not the problem her. Its always great if we can do things together. But the options are all rather meh. I dont want to go out to some sort of festival somewhere like an hour away. That only means driving around the whole day. I dont really like driving around. I dont like driving cars in general.

We initially wanted to go to the pool, but its not hot enough today. So we propably wont do that. I kinda asked her what we should do instead and she said that theres this festival that is happening this weekend. I asked her if she wants to go there and she said that she doesnt want to stress me out. Im not sure what to make of that, so lets see what will really happen. I cant say no, she will be mad if i do. I dont really want to say yes because i dont really want to go there. But liying around all day propably isnt an option either for her. I would do that, no problem. But she needs to go to the hospital next week and wont be able to do all the fun stuff outside for like 3 weeks after that, so thats propably why she wants to do something this weekend.

Im conflicted. Key is here that i dont freak out and that i dont panic. I also shouldnt get mad, doesnt matter what will happen. Ill tell you tomorrow or so what i (or we) actually did in the end. Stay tuned.



Thats just me :)

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