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What did i even do the last months?

After i pretty much came back from the blogging dead (haha, the puns…) im actually quite happy about that step. As i edited into my other blog post right here just before this one i actually blogged somewhere else in the last 3 months. It was kinda okay, but lackluster. I got some traction in the beginning right after i started, but after that… ah well, it was basically my own fault anyways.

I posted way too much stuff about all kinds of things on the same blog. That cant work well, right?

Ah well, it propably would have worked out after a while. Im just one unpatient fucker. As lazy as i may be in other areas of life, i suck at waiting. I propably have to do the same here too, but i get a better feeling about this right now. I also want to do this a bit differently – i had like 3 different blogs here to separate the various types of content that i want to create. I want to keep it that way. Makes it easier for everyone to just read that what she/he wants to read.

Aaaaanyways, i also want to get back to a more fun and goofy fundamental note here. I tend to be too serious these days. I shouldnt be that way, right? So lets get this baby started!






Thats just me :)

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