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Is anyone here still alive?

Hi there. Are my followers still alive? Im thinking about blogging again on this blog. Not sure if it is worth it though. Maybe i should just start a new one?


Edit: I tried to blog somewhere else in the last 3 months, but its kinda lackluster. Not really working as intended. I tried writing instead of drawing and its really fun, but i did so many things wrong i couldnt even count them on 6 hands. If I would have that many that is. So i thought to myself ‘hey, i blogged for years on that other blog. I did all kinds of weird shit over there, why dont i give it a go again?’. But well, first i need to know if those 120 followers are still a thing!

Edit²: I decided to move over here again. Wohoo! Let’s see if this will work out for me. Im going to move most of my posts from the other blog over here. Not all at once, i will do so over time.



Thats just me :)

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