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Coming back to blogging

Hi guys.

So i neglected blogging (again) for a while.

Some things happened in my life that prevented me from doing that.

One of my parents got sick a few weeks ago, and i had a few things to take care of while that happened. They are both fine now, thankfully, but it wasnt always that easy.

Additionally to that, i started a few hobbies that i was really interested in. Drawing for example. I also played a lot of games – you know, like always. Everyone needs some fun in her or his life, right?

And then i tried to get a girlfriend again aswell. Ah, yep. That worked so well. I met her once, after that she just wrote once that shes not ready yet for a relationship because she doesnt know what she really wants. That kinda came out of the blue right there. Im not sure what her real reasons were, but i propably shouldnt care anyways. She wont answer anymore for some reason and im kinda done with it, although i dont understand it, even now one month after all of that happened.

But anyways, now im here again. I kinda remember that everytime i posted here i had something similar to tell everyone out there. Its weird, isnt it? Seems like life is moving in circles.  I see a pattern there.

So, i dont know if there are further posts to be expected from me anytime soon on this blog. Ill propably concentrate on the other 2 blogs here on wordpress that i have, so im not sure what im going to do and when im going to do it.  So just lets see what the future will bring 🙂

Have some fun out there!



Thats just me :)

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