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And i did it again… and im struggling too.

I dont know what this whole “writing challenge” stuff is all about, but i read a lot about it these days. Maybe i should try that at some point. Or maybe i shouldnt because ill just end up cursing and fooling around. Oh well.

Im actually feeling quite good these days. Im like dating meeting up with a girl again (hopefully, soon). Unlike the one before where i wasnt excited at all im quite nervous this time. Shes someone that really got a good character and she actually got similar hobbies and morales like me. Thats something i dont meet quite often. Okay, i pretty much never meet people like that. But because she is like that im not capable to read her behaviour at all. I mean, im bad at that anyways, i know that, but i totally dont know what she wants. Well, i propably going to do things nice and slow here. Or atleast, im trying to. Im way to excited for this so im propably going to fuck it up anyways. Lets see.

Except for that, im writing on a philosophy blog post about refugees. The excitment, right? Theres a lot happening here in germany because of refugees, so i thought it would be appropriate to write about it. It turned out that this is quite hard. I have to be careful about that what i write because i am german when it comes to matters like that. Dont get me wrong, i like it that my country wants to help them with all that we have. But theres a lot philosophical to that. And its difficult to put it in words.

Well, lets see how this will turn out. Look forward to it or something.



Thats just me :)

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