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Im seeing things. Weird things.

So, i did mention in the past that im playing games, right?

Im in a bit of a dilemma these days. Can i actually play games while im im scared of things? You know, like, can i relax while there are things out there that i should fear?

Im not sure. These days i fear a lot of things. I actually got problems to sleep when im lying in my bed. Theres airplanes, trains, cars…a lot of things out there that make sounds. Im scared of a lot of them. Somehow im recently also scared of asteroids destroying earth. Im not sure why. Chances are that i would notice that before i actually die from that. Sounds and stuff like that, you know.

Well anyways, im slowly fading in some sort of crazy state of mind. Im sometimes seeing a big hairy cat with large eyes, watching me from somewhere. It seems to be friendly though. Maybe thats my guardian angle. Who knows. I once saw that one on the side of the street while i was driving to work. It was somehow a pleasant feeling to see it, allthough i was really confused afterwards.

Odd things are happening sometimes, right? Maybe i will meet that being in my dreams at some point. Im going to hug it then. Or something like that.



Thats just me :)

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