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My own little fantasy world

Hi guys. How are you doing today?

So, im all about working these days. Im working, im coming home, im eating stuff aaaaand im in bed. Its pretty much like that. Meanwhile im trying to find a girl that actually wants to date me. Thats pretty hard.

And you know, im wondering about all sorts of things too. I may be working a lot, but that doesnt mean that my brain is all occupied. Its that strange feeling that your hands are moving and doing things while your mind is really fucking bored. The stuff i actually need to do at work isnt all that hard, so i got that kind of situation quite often. What to do about that? Well, i solved that one quite early on in my life. Im starting up my fantasy world in my mind everytime my mind is bored. I actually thought of a whole world with characters and stuff like that. A story is happening in that world while i follow a certain character that lives there. That is actually quite fun, allthough i recently had a few “inspirational” problems there. And thats also what i want to write about in the stories i was already talking about in a few blog posts. About that world. Its a weird one though. Im a big fan of animes, so theres a lot of those kind of things in there. I also like emotional and heroic stuff with weak people that discover their strength, so i also put that in there. In the end its propably just one big clusterfuck, but i enjoy it a lot to think up a background story of certain characters. Now theres just one thing left: Write that stuff down somewhere. You cant get your story out there if you dont write it down. But im going to do that awell. At some point. Hopefully. Until then im going to blog here about how much i like that world i want to write about. My very own world. Hmmmmm.



Thats just me :)

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