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SumItUp-Sunday: Stuff actually seemed to get started, but then it didnt

Hi guys.

Its me, your favorite weird guy in the interwebs. Or well, if you compare me to the likes of gronk (german youtube guy that isnt funny at all) or other internet guys im propablly rather normal.

Today im going to present you with a little summary of that what happened this week.

I mean, i wrote about how i wanted to do things and how i actually did stuff… and you know, i didnt continue to do so. Thats pretty sad. But fear not my dear readers, i really WILL continue my novels at some point. And i will post them here. AND YOU. WILL. LIKE. THEM. Theres no other option for that. Moving on…

I actually noticed my weakpoints this week. Again. Thats pretty much happening all the time. Im a emotional asshole that likes to make fun of people. I simply do so because its fun (…and i dont know how to deal with people otherwise). I also just cant help it. Never change the way you are, even if you are a dick.

Let’s see…is there more?

Well, there was something happening at the “find myself a waifu”-front. I did write with like 2 girls. It seems though that both lost interest in me. How do i notice that? Well, they stopped answering. Thats pretty obvious huh? 😀 I dont know whats that all about. Girls just make way too much of a fuss about a boy that likes to play video games. Thats not that unusual these days, right? So why is that bad? D: Its not like i will try to go out in a forest and kill goblins (even so its mushroom season these days, you might be ending up harvesting those instead). I know what is real and what isnt. Right? Its not like my fantasy gets the better of me sometimes, right? RIGHT?

So, no changes here.

In the end all thats left is randomness and gibberish. Yaaay.And thats the point in this blogpost where i would really like to post a funny gif, but i forgot to save it earlier on. Damn.

Or alternatively to that word, a video that expresses that feeling even better…



Thats just me :)

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