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Being overly emotional…

You know, im a very emotional human being. Im propably some sort of person that is overly emotional. Im reacting VERY emotional to everything. Someone isnt talking to me like usual? Im going to get fucking depressed like i got some sort of severe illness. I just feel like shit then. People dont ask me if i want to go with them to eat something (even though i already know that i wouldnt say yes)? Im also going to get depressed.

Thats also working for positive things, but thats not nearly as effective. Im thinking about something funny? Hell, im going to be all positive for the next 5 minutes. Im like swinging back and forth. Thats totally irritating. One moment you can be the most positive human being all around and then…well, then you see something. Aaaaand you are depressed again. Its a real issue for me. Its not just my mood, being a bit flexible and all that. Its more than that. If im going to feel depressed, im REALLY feeling depressed. Im not capable to do much then, my emotions are pretty much benumbing me then at those times. Its really hard on your mind like that. And i cant really get rid of it. I propably wont find a way to do that either – i just need to find a way to deal with this properly.

I dont need your sympathy though. Theres stuff out there that is far worse then that. Im okay with being overly emotional as long as i can live my life like i do right now.



Thats just me :)

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