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And the week flies by…

… and i dont even know what i actually did yesterday and the weather is rainy and cold. Seems like a perfect situation right? Well, except for there not being anything waiting for me this weekend. Ill be just here, writing another master piece that the mases can enjoy while surfing through the internet. And ill think about life, about how i still dont have a girlfriend and why fucking everyone at work is now married or is expecting a kid. Oh, except for those people that already did all those things like 20 years ago. WOW.

Well, anyways, ill do that. Maybe i even will write another blog post about how frustrated i am and all that funny shit. I will judge every living being out there by saying that they are all monkeys without brains, even so im propably more of a being like that myself. I will regret that statement aproximately 5 minutes later and im going to start doing random sportish things because im fat and lazy and hope to achieve things by doing sports for 2 minutes every 5 months. Im totally not angry btw.

Or maybe… im just not going to give a fuck. Life can be so easy.

So, to achieve that kind of inner state of mind…im going to do things. I can help you with that too. Atleast a tiny little bit. Lets start with a gif that i totally do not own.


Ha, 2D is amazing. x) That totally calms the nerves, right? RIGHT? AM I FUCKING RIGHT OR NOT?!



Thats just me :)

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