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And i actually did things + ranting about people

For once! I wrote that blog post yesterday about how i dont do the things i want to do and stuff like that, right? Well, i did some of them today. Its quite funny. Allthough i noticed that this isnt as easy as i thought.

I started writing a story about a young man, lazy, fat, doesnt know what he should do with life and so on. So basically me. I aleady got in mind where i want to go with it, but itll take a while to get there. I fear that i somehow wont stick to it until the end. Even though i dont even know if it will end anyways.

You see, i actually also had a specific format in mind to “publish” that story. I wanted to share it in blog posts. Right here. Yep. I dont believe that anyone actually wants to read that stuff since i personally believe that im a rather bad writer, but who cares, right? Im willing to try.

Additional to that i started some sort of short story about 3 plushies that talk smack to each other. Thats actually rather crude – i started writing that on paper a few weeks ago after i got up in the morning. It was sort of related to a dream i guess. Ill propably start with that stuff to test the waters. Its crude, its silly, its filled with insults, harsh language and randomness. I named my blog random stuff of that weird guy for a reason.

And then theres that other issue. I tried posting in forums again. I used to do that quite a lot a few months back. You know, forums that are related to my kind of philosophical pov. I ended up deleting my posts again. I feel like im not ready to discuss things like that with people. I got a strong opinion, thats not the problem. I just fear the answer that while come after that. People in those kind of forums are just like those guys at your working place – they are going to discuss with you until they twisted your words and denied everything they ever wrote. Examples? Suuure.

Imagine a huge asshole that writes about how those guys that got the opposite opinion of his are always assuming this and that. He writes that in a negative way while not stating that his own opinion is also based on assumptions – they are just the opposite of that what his “enemies” assume. Now, he wouldnt state that negativity openly. If you ask him about it he will deny it. He basically is being a dick while stating that he isnt a dick and hes just discussing things in a friendly manner. I cant deal with people like that. They act like they are the good people here while they are actually in the grey zone like everyone else. You see, im a huge fan of stating directly what you think. No twisting of words, nothing like that. Just state it directly, even if it offends people. Therefore people like that disgust me. Why do you need to act like that when it comes to rather heavy topics like god, spritiualism and all that stuff? If you dont agree with them, state it clearly. Less people will get mad at you if you come clean with your opinion.



Thats just me :)

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