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No, thats not an error. Fasnet is really a word.

Its called “Fasnacht” when you want to leave the dialect out of it. The dictionary tells me that its called shrove tuesday in english. I doubt that this is true.

Its currently happening right here in south germany. God i hate it. So many drunk people, weird clothes and spending money like a fuck fart. That must be fun. Not to mention the hours of standing around in the cold outside in a weird getup.

If you want to see pictures to that, well…

What about that one?


Im not going to post more of them. That one pic is from wikipedia, so it should be fine. Check out google for more of them.

If you actually wanna learn something about that tradition, i can cover that aswell.

The story i know is that its a really old tradition where we try to chase away the ghosts of winter and stuff like that. You know, so that the cold goes away and the spring and warm weather and all that stuff will come soon. Its going back to the time where old alemannic tribes lived where im living right now. That would be propably like… several hundred years ago? Idk.

If i would have to compare it i’d say its similar to halloween, just without the american way of doing things.

Btw, you can actually watch those in german tv these days. I guess its the tv station called “SWR” if you are interested in that.



Thats just me :)

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