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I aint even mad

Propably should have edited my last post here, but i want to point that out again:

If you dont like me swearing all the time or if you dont like my opinion, i got something good for you. A picture! And if you dont like my pictures, well, i gave no fucks before, why would you think i care now?


Yeah thats right my dear ladies and sirs. I dont even care. I actually thought about wearing a mask while im blogging. Makes me feel like im disguising myself. That could look like one of those lucha libre wrestlers. El blanco hermiteco. Wraar.

So, to express my opinion on the general behaviour of people these days, let me provide you with one more picture. It demonstrates quite nicely what im thinking when i see fellow human beings walk, talk and act like dumbfucks.


Good day to you my friends.



Thats just me :)

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