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chat room stories part 1

I was chating with a girl yesterday. I know that is surprisingly enough, but theres more to that.

We were talking about how a friend of her had a new boyfriend and she brought him to a party, and you know, he was all quiet and reserved. He seemed like he was kind of misplaced there. Because he was acting like that her friend got rid of him.

I cant fucking stand shit like that. I seriously cant. Oh, he doesnt like parties and he isnt fucking talking non-stop when hes meeting people for the first time. Better break up. What the actual fuck. Isnt his character a tad more important? Like, how hes acting towards his girlfriend? Like, try to get in his position for a second. Unless hes one of those annoying fucks that are talking all the time he wont be accepted there.

In the end its propably for the best for both of them since the girl is a fucking cunt, but its still unfair for the guy. She propably knew before aswell that he is acting like that.

I may be a bit biased here since im also one of those guys that hates parties and wouldnt talk to people there. Why? Basically because i hate parties. Dont even try to talk to me there – im not there because i want to. Someone forced me to do this. Everytime. Bet on it. Shitty smalltalk wont make it better. Smalltalk in general is pointless. Dont talk to me unless you want to seriously talk about things. I dont wanna talk for the talk’s sake.

Good thing there is im totally open about that. I state that pretty clearly that i hate to do those things. People usually dont take it seriously though. Well screw you then. Hippies.



Thats just me :)

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