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Ey. Here i am, thinking, doing things.

So i had a few free days now. I still feel like i got hit by a truck, but thats fine. Propably. Im exaggerating. Of course i do.

Anyways, im recently a bit haunted by what other people think about several topics. Weird enough i dont care what they think about me. I already wrote a blog post about this a while ago (wasnt it the post before that?). I dont know, its just that i trust everyone else more than me for unknown reasons. Especially when it comes to topics that are kind of related to subjective things. Cant do anything about that i guess. Its like im always sure about something and after that i think “…but what if im wrong?”. Thats not healthy. Not at all. It makes you doubt yourself all the time.

Btw though, christmas and new year are also over now, right? I made it through all that family stuff and a rather lazy new year. The family christmas party thing was kind of boring. It was in a huge chinese restaurant. I hate chinese food, thats why i didnt eat anything except salad. And i had so much fun while talking to all my family that i dont know because i dont want to. Oh well. Its over though.

And new years…ah well, i thought about my favorite topics all night. And played games. Of course i didnt draw any conclusions from that. Theres no possibility for that. I was home all night and i was fine with that.

The final fantasy mmo is kind of good btw. It isnt anything new. Its just a average mmo. Things like that are fun for a while but get boring because the combat is freaking stale. Just feels static and slow. I dont really like that. Im propably not going to play that for much longer.



Thats just me :)

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