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I just noticed a few things

Hi there.

I just noticed a few secs ago a few things.

1) Im thinking way too much about everything everyone says out there. I shouldnt do that if i value my psychological health.

2) Everyone is capable to cast doubts in my mind. Especially when it comes to topics like life after death and all that stuff its usually really like, boy – everyone is capable to let me doubt everything i believe into. Im way too wobbly there. Doesnt matter if he/she is trustworthy. I shouldnt be like that. Doesnt matter how convincable someone is, i shouldnt trust them just like that.

3) Before i argue with anyone i should try to understand their position. People say various things because they are convinced that they are right. I should keep that in mind.

4) I should try to value life a bit more and worry less. Im writing this for a while now, but i sometimes got the feeling like i lose the happiness in my life.

And so on. Theres more to that i guess, but thats pretty much everything i know about right now. Sorry for being so serious, but i realise that stuff all the time. I just dont know how to change it. Im sometimes jealous of all those people out there who dont doubt their opinions as much as i do. They doubt them too, im sure of it; they dont do it as much as me though, im sure of it. They are not swayed as fast as me too. I really need to do something about that. Somehow.

I also need a girlfriend. But lets not be illusional, right?



Thats just me :)

7 thoughts on “I just noticed a few things

  1. Wow, I feel like all these things apply to me. Especially number 1. I always drive my self crazy thinking about what other people think about me. It will really make you sick.


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