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vacation-time! … not


So, its finally there. That very date i waited for so long.

Thats right. Im on vacation again. What did you think huh? Fuck Christmas. I thought i already wrote that pretty clearly. Even so, i wont be able to escape all that stuff as easily as i would like to. Im meeting up with my family tomorrow to…do things (its more of a family meeting than a christmas party because of that in my opinion). I dont know. A few years ago we used to go to church together, but ahm… im not much of a catholic person (even so im officially a catholic christian and im paying money to be so). I believe in all sorts of things, but catholic christianity is not my thing anymore.

After my parents didnt want to go there anymore either (my sister always wants to go there until this very date… you know, “traditions”. God i hate traditions.) we started playing games to spend some quality family time at christmas evening. As a little notice on the side, we people over here in europe (atleast the folks in germany) are celebrating christmas on the evening of the 24th december. The holy night and stuff like that, you know?

Well, playing games was pretty good in my opinion, but ahm… my sister didnt like it that much and my parents always argued with her while doing so, because they disagreed while doing small talk. I dont know, it was all sorts of weird.

Im looking forward to what we will do tomorrow. I imagine nothing at all. We didnt do anything either last year. That was because i wasnt home though; i was in thuringia, studying for my master exam stuff. But now im back and…well, lets see. I hope for fun stuff and ill propably get nothing at all. Except for some quality time infront of the tv together with my parents. My sister will propably go somewhere, celebrating. I dont know, shes 2 years older then me and shes still doing that stuff that young people usually are doing. Going to discos, dancing, sutff like that. Its okay to do that once in a while i guess (i dont do that stuff ever because i hate those things), but jees, shes doing that a bit too often. But whatever, thats her thing, right?

After that event im still not done with christmas. My grandma got her iron grip around my neck and will drag me to another family party thingie somewhere. [Irony] Im so looking forward to that. Itll be totally fun[/Irony]. I imagine you are thinking by now “good god, that guy must be fun at parties”. You are exactly right with that – im not much of a partyanimal. Thats why i usually dont go to stuff like that. Even so, i cant get out of that one either. But lets see.

Try to enjoy it guys. Dont be as grumpy as me.



Thats just me :)

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