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So lazy…


I have to admit, im too lazy to make a lengthy blog post today. I also didnt do my test-podcast.´Partly because i just dont have any motivation for that right now. On the other side i dont know if that would be any good. I dont wanna do some sort of vlog-stuff. Im not that interesting to look at. Im propably not even interesting to listen to, but i dont know that until i tried, right?

Btw, it will take another few days for me to make another philosopherish blog post too. I actually have to admit that i still need to collect a bit more stuff to make a even slightly interesting post. I rather wait a bit longer there. Philosophy always needs time. And we bearded people do not want to rush anyways.

Im actually thinking though about a sum-up post of my year in real life. My life isnt as interesting as it could be, but well. The end of the year is drawing near; since im not celebrating shit (you know; vintage hermit style) i’ll have a lot of time on my hands. If im not too busy playing games again i will do so. But damn, i bought that final fantasy mmorpg today, and if it just half as good as people in the internet are writing i propably will waste a lot of time there.

Aaanyways, have fun out there.



Thats just me :)

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