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100 people like to read random stuff, yaaaay…krampus approves!

And so i finally reached 100 followers.

First of all thank you.

Secondly, screw you. People of the interwebs normally do some fancy stuff for their milestones like a big video or a amazing blog post where they thank their grandma and whoever there is. I feel obliged to do the same. But i wont. I stand firm with the believe that this isnt necessary.

So, to do so and to continue my rant on christmas, lets remember one guy that no one cares about anymore these days:


Hes named Krampus on Wikipedia and in this article ( The pic is also from there btw. Hes there to punish all the bad kids out there. I’d vote for that to be a thing again.
I mean, the village that i came from, they got something similar. Hes called “Kecht Ruprecht”. The story goes that he was the assistant of st. nicholaus. In some region he got a goat-like being with him to punish kids. And theres krampus again. But even ruprecht isnt a thing in many regions. Sad days. No one wants to kick bad people in their soft parts these days. Even if they are kids, they need to know that they are bad, hmkay? Southpark told me there that we should “kick those people in the nuts”. Oh well.



Thats just me :)

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