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Christmas parties are the wurst

I always wanted to use that title. You understand it, right? Wurst, worst, right?! Hahahaa…

Alright, im sorry.

Anyways, how are you guys doing?

I just came home from a christmas party. It was one of those where the guys from the place where you work think that it would be a good idea to go to a restaurant and eat. And do a sight seeing tour in a small little town that no one cares about before. And you know, stuff like that. In this time and age you actually have to pay for it all yourself. I couldnt hold my joy, i was so happy about spending my money at a event i HAVE to commit to because my boss would be there. Oh boy.

To be honest, it wasnt totally bad. The sightseeing stuff was… surprisingly interesting. Well, that was basically because pretty much every town in germany has some sort of witch-hunting history and you know, theres always a historic building connected to that. I noticed though that i really should go on and read the book “Hexenhammer”. Its not much of a good one, but its giving some good insights into the old practices of witch hunters. Im really interested in that. No worries, i dont want to burn anyone.

Aaaanyways, the guy that did the tour also had a pike. I was always fascinated by weapons from the middle ages. I dont know why. It wasnt a real one though, just a piece of crap metal on a stick. You couldnt have done anything with it at all.

And then…the restaurant. Oh boy. Its propably a bad idea to eat in a restaurant that is connected to a butcher shop if you are a vegetarian, but i had little choice. I had to commit.

And well, the dish i wanted to eat didnt sound that bad. Have you ever heard of Rösti (Roesti, if you dont like the german letter there)? Its a swiss dish made out of potatoes. Well that wasnt that bad, but the mediteranean vegetables…blargh. So much paprika. I hate that stuff. I really do. I got that feeling in my throat like i would have to choke every time im eating that stuff. And there was a whole plate of it. That wasnt fun, that was war. And i won. Barely.

Anyways, time to go to bed or something… im done for today. Bye.



Thats just me :)

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