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Oh, its a year already


So im like a whole year here on wordpress. Just got my notification for it today. Great stuff. Im blogging (well, atleast nearly) regularly these days. Most of them is propably just random junk (except for that second blog that i have, im honestly trying to be serious over there). And after all, well you know… i can see that at my subscriber-numbers. But thats fine. Less people means less opinions regarding content, yay :p

I changed quite a bit over that last year. I really did. I mean like, as a human being. I went from “i want friends and i want to be important” to “i dont care anymore, i just want to have fun”. I dont know, im satisfied these days when im actually having fun every day. I told that my father yesterday – boy that look on his face. Hes a person that worked on having a family for his whole life. My goal isnt exactly having a family; im actually thinking these days that it would be great to have kids and stuff, but im not ready for it right now.I dont want that responsibility right now and you know… i guess i still have a lot to learn before im prepared to teach a other human being the way of life.

Problem there is anyways, im not exactly every girls dream. But whatever, right? I dont want to be sad about stuff like that anymore. My life is way too good for that. I mean like, i could have fun instead. And i want to have it with as many people as possible (im not talking about sex here, just to be clear). But im also fine if im alone. I just take it how it is.

If i try to look back at who i was a year ago i kinda think sometimes “who was that?”. I cant identify myself with the person that was me a year ago. But thats just how it is sometimes, huh.

Anyways, fun. Thats the point. And thats what im going to have right now. By eating stuff. Yep. Cheese. Tons of cheese.

And well, just to post a random picture related to cheese, here you go:





Thats just me :)

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