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Christmas these days…blarg.

Dem rants. Dem rants! Its about time for me to start something i do every year. I  dont know if i already did it last year on that blog right here (i just had created that blog back then, good times). But i will do it this year!

And that is…well, about Christmas. Everyone these days is all about it. Presents, Lights, Christmas Markets, wohoo! But you know, with all those merry people there is always one guy that isnt amused about it.


Why? Well, that may be because i was always a bit of a philosophical dick, but let me tell you. First thing, its not that i hate Christmas as a thing. Its nice, yep. Humans like their festive times just like 300 years ago. What i actually cant stand is though…hmm, well… people dont know what Christmas is actually about. I mean, im seeing those atheistic guys out there, celebrating and all that stuff. ‘I dont believe in a god and Jesus, well fuck that guy’. Its totally okay to have that opinion (hell i dont care what you believe in), but PLEASE: Dont celebrate Christmas like you do now; celebrate it in a way that goes firm with what you believe in. I know that all kinds of people will tell you otherwise, that its something else these days and they just want to have fun, but cant they just stay true to that what they believe in? If you dont believe in Jesus, whats the point of celebrating the birth of him? I mean, sure celebrate something, but can we call it something else then? Like Wintersday? People over here in germany are partly even worse: They are atheistic all year long, but on Christmas, well, look who’s going to church. I mean, i dont give two fucks about it since ill stay at home. I wont go to that place anymore. Not because i dont believe in anything anymore, no. Im just not a part of that anymore and ill stay firm with that belief that i have. Therefore i dont need the whole Christmas-stuff. I will still be with my family on the 24.12.2014. Why? Not to celebrate Christmas. I just want to be with my family, having a good time. Even though i wont have that since my sister is annoying as fuck, but whatever.

Bottom line is: Even so capitalism is making it to something else these days, Christmas was originally about the birth of Jesus. If you dont believe in it, fine, but dont act on Christmas like you do believe in it just because you want to have fun.



Thats just me :)

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